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My cat has FIP, How do I comfort him?  

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My cat, Glitch was diagnosed with FIP last week and now Im playing the waiting game of when is it time. I just want to make him comfortable but with his belly that big I dont know if its possible!
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Is there anyone here who knows anything about how to comfort a cat with FIP

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FIP is often misdiagonsed, as there is no true test for it. take a look at this excellent website
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I did go on that site and read all the information, the problem is I already know that stuff. Heres my problem, Glitch has FIP, its hard for him to get up or down so I do everything for him, Which I dont mind but, I need to figure out a way to make him more comfortable. I know he's terminal, its so hard for me to watch him try to jump on the couch. This cat is my world and I just wanted to know if anyone has been through something similar or if someone knew what meds would make him comfortable, you know, lower fever, pain killers, steroids?? I just dont know what to do anymore, watching him die is killing me.
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I know this may sound harsh, but if you see him suffer so much already why not end it before its worse?

*hugs* Please know we are all here for you.

I personally have had many kitties pass away in my time and its hard to let go but sometimes its for the best.
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It just doesn't seem like it should be at that point already! He still cuddly, on his good days he plays a lil he still eats because his belly is so full of fluids that he has to eat just to keep going, he drink water all the time too. I think I should put him down but then I think of the what ifs and think about if I do it, would I have missed good times with him in the car, playfull fun days and I just dont want to do it too soon!
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I'll move this to the health forum, but you really need to discuss with your vet as to how bad Glitch is and if he's suffering at the moment
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I have an appointment with the vet in the morning. He goes once a week and more than that if anything happens. Thank you
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Let us know what happens
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I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for talking to me when alls I could do is cry.
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You might ask the vet whether prednisolone (which is a steroid) might help your kitty be more comfortable. Occasionally cats respond to alpha-Interferon, so that's another treatment you can ask your vet about. I lost my Willow to the dry form of FIP in September (confirmed through biopsy samples after she passed), so I know how hard and strange this disease can be. Is Glitch still eating on his own?
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Sending good wishes to yourself and Glitch, hope all goes well at the vets.
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Does you kitty have the dry or wet form of FIP? (I'm assuming it's the wet form, from what you're describing). But if it's the dry form, it may be treatable. As Cloudshade suggested, there are meds available to help keep the cat in remission: I have 2 FIP kitties, and they are both on the Interferon and are responding nicely to it. I would ask your vet about it..
If it's the wet form, there probably isn't very much that can be done, I'm sorry to say..

I realize how difficult it is to make the decision to have your furbaby PTS if he's suffering: I've been there myself on more than one occasion. If you think he still has a good quality of life left yet, I suggest doing what you can to keep him comfortable. But if you think he's truly suffering in any way and isn't enjoying life any longer, you may want to consider doing so. I know how heartbreaking it is to make that decision, but your baby would be grateful to you for ending his suffering...

Ask your vet about the Interferon, or another alternative. I hope that there is something that can be done to help make your furbaby more comfortable while you still have him. I know how you feel - my heart goes out to you & your furbaby..

I'll be sending good vibes your way..

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Glitch has the wet form of FIP. I took him to the vet today and they weighed him, then they took off over a pound of fluid out of his belly. He lost 18oz in the process. They told me its too late for steroid and too soon to PTS. They also said if the fluid returned they would put him on the steroids but that they think it wouldn't be any benefit. He looks so skinny! Its truely unbelievable. The first thing he did after he got his belly drained was jumped off the table and licked his belly. He hasn't been able to do any of that in a long time so it was nice to see. I guess I should let him out of his misery, but whats throwing me off is everything Ive read, and been told said its painless abdominal distension?? Is it really painless? Im so confused!

-Glitch's Mommy
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Since kitties excel in hiding pain, no one can tell you if your kitty is in pain or not. He may very well be, but they do tend to hide it well. If you can't find it within to let him go early, even knowing as you do there is no cure and it could get a lot worse- then all you can do is make his last days as comfortable as possible.

I have a cat living in my bedroom who I was told had FIP. She is now 18 years old and has lived with me now for two years. She has a defined lump in her belly, like an extra pouch. The vet can get this gunky yellow fluid out of it when he drains it, but the fluid always comes back. If she had FIP, she would be dead by now, but she is going strong. She was intentionally run over by her previous owner and then denied vet care. She can't walk "normally" she crab crawls and hops and so I have put her in my bedroom. She can't climb, so she lives onthe floor on several pillows from outside patio furniture, because pet beds were to cumbersome for her to hop over.

I could have put her down based on what the vet wanted me to do, but I know there is no true test for FIP just like I know there is no cure. So I opted to wait. It is an individual decision for each of us to make when the time comes and no one can force you to do something just because they may want you to. You will know, Glitch will tell you in his eyes when he has had enough. Until then, let him do all he can to enjoy his day and just be there for him like you are right now.
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Thank you, I have put animals down before but this one is different. My other ones have always let me know when its time. I know there is no cure and I know I need to let him go. I just dont know how. He makes me happy when Im sad and has just showed me how to make the best out of each day. He's been sick since the day I got him and I always knew there was something wrong. Ive had him to the vet so many times and they told me so much stuff. Up until now they couldn't tell me what he had, just what he didn't have!

Im so glad your kitty is doing well. I know my wont and I know what I have to do. Thanks


P.S. Do you think my seven year old kitty will get it too?
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Now my poor lil man has like a fatty tumor where they took the fluid out of his belly?? This normal, will it go away? Errrg! My poor baby! I think this may be a sign from above but Ill be darn if it dont stink. He doesn't deserve it!
-Glitch's mom
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I lost a cat to FIP a couple of years ago. Within 3 weeks of the first symptoms he was gone. The advice I got about letting go was basically if they still seem to be enjoying life - especially eating - that it's not quite time yet. The thing that seemed best for Smudge was just cuddling him, and talking to him. We also let him out on the grass for a bit out back because he was blind at that point, and seemed to like the smells. Try and objectively see if he's responsive to you, wants to be petted, etc. When he withdraws and stops eating, that's when you re-evaluate.

I'm so sorry.
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I'm so sorry, Glitch: I know how you must feel. Just reading your words makes me cry..

Your baby will let you know when he's ready to go: you'll see it in his eyes. Just trust your heart, and you'll find the strength when the time comes. It will be the right thing to do..

I wish I had some magic words to take the pain away. I'm so sorry.

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With Willow, she let me know when it was time. I may have waited a few hours longer than I would have liked due to work, but for me it was better to know for certain that it was time. I haven't seen any symptoms in Odo. I adopted Zek to keep him company, and both seem happy and healthy. Willow's development of FIP seemed like such a freak thing (she was indoor only and in the "wrong" age range for FIP). My other cats never showed symptoms, and FIP isn't contagious in the way that many other disease are. The corona virus is contagious, but in most cats it isn't a big deal--it's only when it mutates that it results in FIP. No one can guarentee that your 7-year old won't get FIP, but there is a good chance that he/she will remain healthy.
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Cloud-shade, Kittkat, & Kluchetta,

Thank you all for helping me get through this. Today he is still eating and his belly doesn't seem so swollen. (due to the fact they drained it yesterday) He just wants to sleep though. The fatty tumor thingy went away and now its like a little scab. He drinks an awful lot of water and I supose thats due to the fluid filling up in his belly. I think my vet wants to use him as a guiney pig and Im not ok with that but I am ok with them finding out everything they can. They kept the fluid out of his belly for testing, they took 18 oz out and he lost over a pound, now he looks like that skinny cat he once was! I hope he does well for a little while yet, I need to take more pictures and I would like one more day of him being able to play with me, I miss that.

Thank you so much for all your suppose! You're a Gift from Above!

Glitch's mom
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KittKatt --

You say your kitties have FIP and are doing well on Interferon? More details was the FIP diagnosis obtained? How much Interferon do you give how often and how are they responding? How advanced was their FIP before Interferon administration? We have an FIP (dry form) kitty who is on Feline Omega Interferon for about 12 days now. I am looking for any hope I can get from someone who has seen actual improvement/remission in their definitively (or as definitively as possible) diagnosed FIP kitty from Interferon.

Thank you so much!
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I'm so sorry about Glitch. I don't know very much about FIP, but what little I do know is that it is devastating to both the cat for being diagnosed and to the owner who is then heartbroken.
All of the posts above me have given you excellent advice. As far as knowing when Glitch is ready - he will let you know. It will be one of the hardest decisions of your life and your heart will ache with grief, but at least Glitch will no longer be suffering. Sometimes it seems as if life is unfair by taking the most precious gift away from us.
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Originally Posted by penbelwest View Post
KittKatt --

You say your kitties have FIP and are doing well on Interferon? More details was the FIP diagnosis obtained? How much Interferon do you give how often and how are they responding? How advanced was their FIP before Interferon administration? We have an FIP (dry form) kitty who is on Feline Omega Interferon for about 12 days now. I am looking for any hope I can get from someone who has seen actual improvement/remission in their definitively (or as definitively as possible) diagnosed FIP kitty from Interferon.

Thank you so much!
The FIP "diagnosis" was obtained through testing their blood: it's kinda difficult to explain, and there are other peeps here who can explain it better than I can (Hissy being one of them: she has a lot of info regarding FIP - if you send her a PM, I'm sure she'd be glad to help!). There really is no actual diagnosis (which is why I use the " symbol when I refer to diagnosis), but it has something to do with blood counts. I think I have an article somewhere that refers to it: if I can find it, I'll PM it to you...

Both Geronimo & Winchester had reoccurring coughing/gagging attacks which were accompanied by fluid in their lungs, and which were not being cleared up by administering antibiotics and other meds that are generally used to clear up a URI. When the symptoms weren't going away on their own, and when they continued to reoccur, the vet took the blood tests, after about six months of the symptoms continuing to reoccur. Winchester was to the point where he had several attacks a day: Geronimo's attacks weren't as frequent, but they were more severe. So the vet recommended the Interferon, and there was significant improvement after about 3 weeks. They both still occasionally have an attack, but they are not anywhere as severe as they once were, and it occurs just once in awhile now..

When they first started taking the Interferon, they were on it for 3 weeks (1 cc a day) till they went into remission. After that, it was 1 cc a day for a week, every other week. Occasionally, if the symptoms start to become more severe again, I'll have to give them the "3-week" dosage again, till they go back into remission, and also sometimes have to give them antibiotics & Fluoresemide (sp?) to help aid the infection and fluid in their lungs.

I hope that helps answer your questions, and I hope your furbaby will do well on the Interferon, also.

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Thank you -- that helps a lot!
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For those of you who have been reading this, thanks for the help. We just lost the battle with my furbaby! I feel alone and empty. I keep thinking I see him, I miss him already. He couldn't hardly walk anymore and couldn't eat, what he was eating wasn't staying down. I took him in and let the vet make the call and now I wish I would have just held on for one more day. I want my baby back.

He had the wet form of FIP and they got that diagnoses by his swollen belly, which they then drained and tested. I hear the dry form isn't so bad. I wasn't so lucky but I hope no other person or kitty will ever have to go through this. Right now, I just want to crawl in the grave with him.

Thank everyone
Glitch's mom
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I will close this thread for you. Those who wish to give condolences can visit your thread in the Rainbow Bridge,
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