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Advent Calendar Stocking ideas!?!?!

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I found the most absolute cutest thing the other day, its an advent calendar just on a string with 25 small santa stockings on it (now i regret for not doing the SS).
Anyway so theoretically, I've bought it for Travis, but what am I going to fill each day of it with?
It cant be just lollies or chocolates as ive already bought him a simpsons Advent Calendar.

I have a few free days this week to be creative, but I would love to know your ideas.
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I don't know if you're located in the U.S., (I'm thinking you aren't, though) but, if you are, try your local Dollar Store. I was just in there, and bought some small items for stocking stuffers and gift baskets. Over the past few years, their items have gotten much better, too.

How about something useful? I usually put useful items, with candy, in my stockings.
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I would go to the dollar store and gett litting things like pens, lip balm, nail clippers, post it notes, you know things that everyone uses.

and so it's not so expensive for you
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They just closed down the Eurostore here, I was thinking for some of the days he wouldnt be getting anything except for sweet messages for minimising costs, the only problem is that i cant write anything nice with out it being too soppy!
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How about refrigerator magnets, a plastic token for shopping trolleys, a key chain, lip balm (Labello), one of those packs of 3 or 6 little jars of different kinds of honey and/or jam (open it/them, and put one jar in each little sack), a little tube, jar or bottle of a "specialty" mustard, e.g., Bavarian Weisswurst Senf or Dijon mustard, a slip of paper giving directions to a hidden pack of "Lebkuchen" (gingerbread)? A lot of the "Reformhäuser/Biomärkte" have little samples of Weleda creams, etc.. You could also give him a self-made "voucher" for a Glühwein (mulled wine) at the Christmas market.

Have you seen the Advent's calendar for cats? http://www.zooplus.de/app/WebObjects/ZooShop.woa
Lidl usually offers them at this time of the year, too.
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