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2 problems: Pumpkin spraying new furniture and Aspen and Pumpkin fighting (long)

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Hello all,

I have a couple of problems that I hope someone can help me with.

After almost 6 years of living in my house I've finally discovered that what I really like is contemporary design and I've been buying a lot of new things and moving around a lot of what I already have. I know cats don't really like new stuff. I just got a new microfiber sofa bed yesterday and today I noticed that it has been sprayed. I'm sure it was my boy, Pumpkin, because my other cat is a girl that I have never seen spray. I don't think it will be too bad because this microfiber stuff seems to really hold up to a lot. In fact, it kinda looked like it didn't penetrate but beaded on the surface. Some of what he sprayed even seemed to crystallize which I thought was kinda weird.

I'm a bit obsessed with decorating so stopping is not really an option. I really haven't liked my house for the almost 6 years I've lived here and didn't realize it was because I was decorating it all wrong until about a month ago. Now, after a lot of painting, editing, moving things around and buying new pieces I absolutely love it. This has positively affected my state-of-mind, so I really don't to stop, but I don't want to spend my hard earned money on things only to have Pumpkin spray it.

And, since I know someone will want to know, he is neutered. I got him when he was probably around 8-12 months old so he didn't get neutered really early, so maybe this behavior was already there. I also got Aspen, my almost 3 yo female, in June and they have gotten in a couple of fights and seem to avoid each other much of the time, so maybe this is all just too much stress for him.

That brings me to my second problem which is the fighting between Pumpkin and Aspen. It's only really happened twice about a month ago, but at that time he ended up with a scratch. During one of the fights he appeared to be the aggressor although I didn't see how the fight started. The second time I didn't see what happened at all. I just had to take him to the vet 2 days ago because he was limping but this happened when he was outside so I'm not sure if Aspen is responsible for this. When I first noticed he was limping, she was standing very close to him and they didn't appear to have any tension between them so I'm hoping it wasn't her that he got into it with.

With all that said, I don't want them to keep fighting and I don't want him getting injured. I also don't like it when they avoid each other (for instance, if one of them is laying on the couch or bed with me and the other jumps up there, the one coming second with jump back down once they see the other most of the time).

When I first got Aspen and they had a little rough start, I considered giving her back, but now I'm quite attached to her so that's really not an option. She's a great cat although she's a little bossy. They seemed to do fine after the first few days until the fights a month ago, so I'm not sure what's happening. I just want them to get along.
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The reason they are spraying new furniture is because it's new. Cats fear change, and they don't like or feel comfortable with things that don't smell the same. They sprayed it because they needed to make it 'theirs' so they could accept it. I have seen this happen many times. It should stop in a day or two once they become more familiar with it.
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my tigger is neutered, as has been since 6 months of age, but he sprays sometimes too.

the thing is-it doesn't have that funky smell.

know wht I mean?
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I just sorta skimmed, I saw he is neutered. I've got to ask, is Aspen spayed(I assume yes)?

My next thought is to get him vet checked, specifically for a UTI. Pumpkin may well have been spraying before now & this is the first you notice.

As for fighting, have you tried a Feliway diffuser?
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Originally Posted by Ethiope View Post
Some of what he sprayed even seemed to crystallize which I thought was kinda weird.

That brings me to my second problem which is the fighting between Pumpkin and Aspen.
Your statements above really caught my attention! Cats will fight if one of them are ill....and if you noticed crystals where he sprayed, that may be the problem. You may want to make a vet appointment and have him checked for crystals in his urine. Crystals can block his urination and can be very serious...sometimes fatal!!
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I agree to have him checked for a UTI or crystals by the vet.

About the fighting, if it happened only once or twice or occasionally, it isn't really fighting. If they truely didn't like each other and wanted to harm each other, they would have by now and there would be bloodshed everytime it happened and your cats would be beaten and a mess. Think of it like bickering children, they will get into little arguements. One might be bothering the other that day, or might have come up to the other while in the litterbox or eating or sleeping or anything really to provoke it.

Try the Feliway spray and/or plug in. The plug in would be good for the room and the spray would be good to spray on and around the couch.
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I agree - if you think it looks like crystals - get Pumpkin to a vet now! Don't wait around. If he has UTI and gets blocked he will die in a short time. And if he is sick, that could be the reason they are fighting.

Any sudden changes in behavior usually mean somethings wrong internally.
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Thanks for all your replies.

In answer to some of the questions - Aspen is spayed.

Pumpkin just came back from the vet. I've had two male cats, including Pumpkin, that have had urinary blockages, so I'm aware of that possibility. He isn't blocked because I've seen him urinating and he's on a special diet for urinary issues, but I'll mention it to the vet to see what she says.

I have noticed that he has sprayed things before, but I guess I didn't care about that furniture as much. I hope what one person said is right and once he sprays once and it has his scent he'll stop.

I also hope that their occasional fights are nothing serious and won't escalate. I noticed a scratch right behind and under his ear when I got home yesterday, so who knows what goes on when I'm not there.

I'll let you all know what the vet says.
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I just spoke with the vet (specializes in cats), and she said that just because the urine felt a little crystal-like doesn't mean it is a problem (i.e. it doesn't mean that it came out of his body as crystals). This apparently is quite common as cat urine dries. She suggested I watch him closely and make sure he's getting a lot of fluid. I leave hairball formula out for my other cat but he seems to eat most of it (more than he eats his urine formula). Since she doesn't seem to be really interested in it (preferring wet food), I'm just going to take it up so he'll have to eat his urine food.
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