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I just noticed a tiny bald spot on Angel's head. It's not irritating her, it's not red or scratchy or anything. It looks and feels pretty normal. What could it be?
It's pretty well covered, reason being that I haven't seen it until now and I checked the rest of her body thoroughly, no other spots. And Tiger's spot-free too. In the pictures, I moved back the fur to make it more visible. I'm hoping that it's just how her fur's been growing. She doesn't seem like she's getting sick or anything, her mood and diet hasn't changed a bit. Any ideas before I call the vet? I have to reschedule their appointment again anyways. Silly technician accidentally scheduled me on a day they were closed!

She was on my lap when I took these. I'm not even holding her head, just petting her but as soon as I took the picture, she got up and left. She hates the camera!

Close up...