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What happend to Sassy?!

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As many of you know I have a small feral/stray colony I take care of down the road from me.

Well, for 2 days now I hadn't seen Sassy or Punk. Since they are both boys I just figured they were off "cattin" around. I went to feed today and Sassy was in the window of the house where they stay. I thought it was his Father Big Tom as there was a fluid sound when he breathed. Well, here comes Sassy with a huge clog of blood and snot covering his nose/mouth. He's trying to meow and breathe through his mouth. His chest, legs, belly and tail are coated in blood.

I rush home, grab a carrier and go get him. I get him home after checking everyone else (Still no Punk) and my Mom comes over to help me clean him. I'm holding the poor guy and as he's getting cleaned, his eyes are crossed, his bottom jaw looks a little crooked and his face is swollen. My Mom said it looks like someone kicked him in his face.

Now, Sassy is feral. All of them are to strangers. I'm their source of food and they love me. If anyone else shows up, all of them normally run. My question is, what happend to his face? I plan to call and hope there's a vet open tomorrow. I have him caged out in my shed to keep im calm with some food and water. I'll be checking on him throughout the night, too. He doesn't look like he needs an emergency visit. Obviously if no vet is open tomorrow he'll become an emergency.

Anyway, any ideas as to what could have happend? I'll be checking the house out down there tomorrow to see what, if anything, I can find.
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Sounds like he may of been hit by a car..Sending healing vibes and I hope you can get him into a vet ASAP he must be in pain poor guy..
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I agree hit by a car.
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Wouldn't there be more damage if he was hit by a car? I've felt, pushed, prodded, and groped every bone and part of his body checking for any other damage. Granted, I can't tell if he has internal bleeding or something like that but his bones are fine.
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Not necessarily. My Molly was hit by a car a little over a week ago. The night she got hit:
And a week later:
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How I missed that about Molly is beyond me. So glad she's doing so well and she looks beautiful. I see they don't always look battered and broken when hit. The only kitty I ever been around died a few moments after being hit by a car.

Sassy looks like someone just walked up and punched him in the face. He is looking a bit better now that he's cleaned up. I plan to get him to a vet in the morning since I'll have my car back. Been checking on him every few hours. Far as I can tell he hasn't ate but then again, he can't smell either.
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Molly didn't eat the first night, the vet said shock. Try wet food, do not force food or water. What the vet told me is to try NutriCal, which is a caloric supplement paste. I do not know if you've got any handy, though. (I always keep a tube on hand) You can try tuna, just to get a few bites in her system(who knows how long it's been since she ate?)

Sass could also have crawled into a vehicle & fell out as it traveled down the road.

Keep us updated. Molly made it through, she & I are sending tons of that Sassy's vet visit goes as well as hers!
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I hope that Sassy will be ok!! I had a cat that went missing for several days then showed looking horrible!! The vet thought he might have been in someone's engine when they cranked the car!! But he made it through and I am sure that Sassy will too!!! I will be praying for both of you!!!

Prayers and love for Sassy to feel better

And hugs for you for taking such good care of her!!
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Thank you for the vibes. Made an interesting discovery, he has pus coming out of his one nose hole. I'm keeping it clean while it drains. He actually head bumped me. I was shocked! I'll update tomorrow when I find out what happend. My "girlie" looking Sassy now looks like a big bruiser cat.
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Awww poor Sassy Sending many healing vibes, and here's hoping its nothing serious
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Sending lots of healing for Sassy. Let us know what the vet says.
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Poor guy! First the vet thought that he was kicked in the face by a horse or someone stomped his head. After leaving him at the vets, they cleaned him up, got the swelling to come down and finally got a diagnosis......hit by a car. He was going with horse until he found out Sassy had never been around a horse.

His nose is broke and after consulting a 2nd vet, there's no fixing it. He lost one fang and may lose a few of his tiny teeth. His soft palette (sp) is fractured but the hard one is fine. Small fracture in his bottom jaw. Tongue was lacerated but healing, hemmoregh(sp) in his left eye and now he's more cross eyed then before.

Now for some good news....the life/death part is over. Sass survived the concussion and probable coma. He's on a gruel diet and he's to have nothing hard to eat for a few months so his mouth can heal. My feral turned stray is now an inside loveball. He's still out in the shed as the doc said hissing and growling would aggrevate his jaw.

I am over the moon he's alive and going to be well. Was teasing at the vets when I picked Sass up about putting a band-aid over his nose, getting him boxer gloves, and calling him Bruiser. He looks like the town bully. LOL

One last thing, the vet was going to pin and wire his bottom jaw but said the tissue and gum was holding it just fine and with him still being young (about 9 months) the vet hope it'll heal on its own. When I can snag the camera, I'll post before and after pics.

Thanks for the vibes. They've helped Sassy immensley!!
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Here's some more healing vibes for Sass.

As young as he is he should heal fast. Young cats are incredably resilient.
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I hope he heals fast. Our one in/out girl, Puff, visited Sass today. Sassy was happy to see another kitty. He was headbuttin Puff and rubbing all over her. She was looking at him like she wasn't sure what to do with him. LOL

Here's a pic of Sass from a few months ago. Needless to say, he doesn't really look like this now:
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He's a beautiful tuxie boy. From what you've said it sounds like he's taming down nicely. Will you keep him in or find him a indoor home? I know he was one of your ferals but this seems like such a great chance for him to end up a couch kitty. (Kind of a drastic way to get there!)

More healing vibes
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Thank you! His 2 brothers and one sister are Tux, too. One sister is just gray. LOL

I promised all of them that no matter what, we'd take care of them forever. Sass'll stay here indoors with us. Found out today that, yes, he has brain damage but there's no telling how bad it is.

I can get about a jar of (meat) baby food into him and a ton of water. I'm a bit worried as it's not the same amount of food he normally eats. The vet said as long as he eats, it's ok. His intake is about half of what he used to eat before. I just hope, as we go along, his eating picks up again. I don't need him to drop too much weight at once. If anyone has ideas as to what else I can blend into soup and give to him, I'm all ears!

He rubs his left eye a lot. I know it has to be irritating with the hemmorage he has there and the vet said if he continues to rub at it, I'll have to get eye drops for him.

I sometimes forget he's a kitten as he's a big boy. Today we were playing with some string. He was batting at it and following it around the place. We snuggled afterwards and took a nap together. LOL
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well I hope that Sassy continues to heal well and that the damage isn't too bad! More hugs and prayers for you both!!

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Thank you! The prayers, thoughts, and vibes are helping Sass to heal. Being his meowmy, I appreciate them as well for him. He sure is a special boy.
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For the food thing.....have you tried mixing some baby food w/ some canned in a blender? I did that when transitioning to raw....mixed canned food & raw in my Magic Bullet.

Or maybe kitten glop?
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I just found this thread.

Many healing vibes to Sassy. Hugs to you for taking such good care of him. He'll be a great house kitty. I hope you can find a food he's able to eat.
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It sounds like you have a wonderful new friend. I'm glad little Sassy is doing so well. He is really cute.
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He turned his nose up at the Whiskas Milk. LOL He looked at me like I was trying to poison him. I have him eating/drinking almost 2 cans of wet a day. I want to pick up another can of Merrick Surf and Turf and Tiki Cat. He attacked both of them and looked for more.

Sassy has made friends. I think since Puff is gray she reminds him of his sister Trouble. Sass purrs and follows Puff all over the shed and he talks to her, too. Puff sniffs him and walks off and throws him evil looks. Skittles is a tub of love. He loves everyone and every animal. Given a chance, he'll snuggle with the puppies. LOL Skittles loves flopping his butt onto Sassy and rolling all over him. Sass looks at me like he's gonna get Skittle germs. LOL

Tonight is Sassy's first time out of the cage. We have a loveseat in the shed and Sass is sleeping on it. He seems to like this arrangment better. I figure it's because he had space to roam then got stuck in a cage. He's not been happy all cooped up. I'm trying to litter box train him. I have a box full of dirt and leaves since that's what he's used to. He has yet to use it but I'm holding out hope.

Our only issue is he hasn't had a bowel movement since he found me on Sunday. It was there Monday when we left for the vets. I figure now that his food is getting a bit more solid, he should have a movement soon. The vet recommended 1cc Milk of Magnesia a day until he has a movement.
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