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Amy has just called me into the Nesting Box!! - Page 2  

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Congrats Leslie!!!!

Hope you had a drink to relax last night!

Can't wait to see some photos!
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Wow, I've really been neglecting the boards I didn't even know Amy was pregnant again. Congrats!
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I can't wait to see the pictures.
I have read that Blues make very attentive parents,
so Tatyana must be a very good auntie
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Lorie, If anyone gets #5, she's mine! I haven't had a black cat for 4 years, so----you wanna fight? You can have one, but solid black is for me! (Aren't we all envious?)
Ohhhhh no Jeanie! I saw kitten #5 first and she's mine!!! Just think what a nice contrast kitten #5's coloring will be to Snowball!!! If you want a solid black kitten you'll just have to wait until Amy's NEXT litter!!!!
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Ohhh, ALL RIGHT, Lorie. I always had a black cat and a white cat, and they did look beautiful together. Don't forget this sacrifice, though!
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Okay I know I am not supposed to do this but until I can get these on the web here is your very own sneak preveiw of the babies!!! And I am sorry to say but now that they are clean and fluffy the little one is not black! But I think they are all stunning anyway hehehe!!! Check out the colour of the pewter one!
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The tri colored one and the moo-cow one look just like my Echo and Bud when they were babies!! They are precious Bundy...I'm sure you're a proud Mommy!!
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Hey Jeanie, it looks like we both have to wait for a solid black kitten!

What precious little babies!!!!
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Congratulations and give Amy a big stroke from me.
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wow, I want all of them, but especially the grey one, how beautiful! You're so lucky!
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I want them all!!!!!
gorgeous little babies!
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I think the little gray one looks like silver! But isn't the little dark one in the front black? Aren't they miraculous? They're beautiful.
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I thought she was supposed to be spayed after the last litter? How did she get pregnant this time??
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I hope sincerely Bundy that you are able to get her spayed after this litter.
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Weather you are joking or serious, in my oppinion it's just wrong. The last time I checked, this board was about the health and welfare of cats. Just not to long ago, there was a post about the serious need for help with the cat overpopulation problem. By having more litters of domestic cats by choice, you are just helping with the problem.
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I don't even want to waste my time on this! Thank you for your concern!
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Originally posted by Bundylee
She got out and had sex (I think)

Nah!! I thought I would just let her keep mating!
I'm looking at your post from across the globe and through the monitor - that was a tease right? Sorry for not having followed the whole Amy saga - I'm sure other members present and future might come to this thread and wonder the same thing about why Amy wasn't spayed. I think it would be nice explaining here once again - for the benefit of other cat owners...

Just to remind everyone - kitten season is upon us - I'm glad to see so many of you are willing to open your hearts and homes to new kittens. I'm sure there'll be only too many candidated (many on their way to be put down) in your local shelters.
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I have to agree with Sandie. While it's cute and exciting to have new kittens, there is a cat population explosion. I, for one, know that the mission of this board is to help educate people into being responsible pet owners. I really don't think there is call for a flippant response.
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I do hope that you understand the grave issues of cat overpopulation and that you will do your part to see that Amy (who is quite young) and who shouldn't of even had one litter let alone two does not have anymore! It is quite close to kitten season and Amy will once again come into heat quickly. Please keep her inside this time, and when this litter is weaned, please get her spayed. It is so uncomfortable for a female to be in heat, and the very act of mating is also a cause of pain for a young cat. You are shortening this beautiful cat's life by allowing her to have these kittens continuously. Getting her spayed is the responsible thing to do, and if you doubt that, then go on the Internet and look at all the different cat shelters and all the cats/kittens waiting in cages for a home to go to.

This is a cat welfare board after all.
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I am very angry!!!

By having more litters of domestic cats by choice, you are just helping with the problem.
Sandie don't you breed naturally occurring domestic cats???? Seems a bit strange to enforce your view point when you yourself breed!

I also am going to breed Russian Blues! Do you want to tell me how wrong that is too???

Amy was a stray that I took in and she had babies! She got out again! I was very upset and angry that it happened! Obviously I have to look after her and the kittens again and try to ensure that this time she doesn't get out! I guess I am the only one to ever have this problem! I don't know why I bothered in the first place! This is a huge stress both emotionally, physically and monetary for someone else's cat that they couldn't be bothered to take with them when they moved! I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess that just isn't so!

I have explained the dilemma I have faced with Amy! and have posted about it not so long ago! I have tried to find that thread but can't! If anyone else can please feel free to post the link!

If after all the time I have spent on this thread you feel I need to be educated then I don't believe you know me at all!

I don't need to be made to feel guilty about something I just didn't and couldn't control in time! I will not be posting any more about Amy or the kittens! I guess I was foolish enough to think I may as well enjoy the process again or should I hate it and not care??? Thank you for your view points and concerns as I said earlier! Please don't bother continuing with this ridicules attempt to make me feel bad!

Oh and by the way I already have places for them to go and the kittens will be de-sexed before they go to new homes! DOES THAT COUNT???????

I would appreciated it if this thread does not get deleted as I do believe in freedom of speech.
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You can be angry all you want. But I also have the right to be concerned when I surf into this thread and I read such a flippant reply to a serious subject such as this

"No, I just thought I would let her keep mating!" If you said that as a joke, it was not funny and it set the tone for this post in a really bad way. Did you really expect people who rescue every year to just let you make such a response without challenging it?

It is one thing to breed responsibly and ethically, it is another thing to have a cat and at such a young age let her have so many kittens. And yes, there are cat breeders out there that do not follow the ethical rules of conduct, but Sandie is not one of those.

Yes, Amy got out by accident, and she is going to try to get out again very soon. I hope this time you ensure she stays inside, and as I said and I will repeat it, that you get her spayed as soon as these kittens come off her milk.

I too believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe that it is the right thing to watch your words and how you use them, especially in dealing with such a sensitive issue as unspayed females.
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I do believe that the issue was perpetuated because you chose to make a joke rather than explaining the situation. I have been away from the boards for some time, and asked a valid question.
As for my breed, it is a recognised breed. I breed them in a very controled enviroment and do it to better the breed. Every one of my domestic cats has been spayed or neutered upon being taken into my house.
As for you breeding Russians in the future, If you plan to get serious, and do it in the right manor, I wish you all the best and I would help with any questions you might have.
This was not a personal attack, and no I don't know you other than what you post. Now that you have explained your situation, and what your plans are, I am glad this will be her last litter.
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I believe in freedom of speech, too, which is why I posted my opinion. I hope that Amy is slated for spaying along with the kittens, especially if she is prone to getting out. Are you the only one who ever had this problem? No, but there is a simple solution.
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Yes it was flippant and sarcastic too!!!!!!!!!! I made those comments because I don't need the lecture and I won't be posting any more on this subject! If people can't restrict their criticism to those that are more deserving then it wouldn't have been a problem! I am surprised that there are a few people who can't be bothered to reply to anything else I post but feel the need to stick their nose in when it suits them!
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I would hope, on such a serious subject as this thread became and on the flippant response you posted as a "joke" that anyone with a responsible brain cell in their head would jump in and ask you to clarify what you meant.

As someone who routinely sees litters of kittens every year that are sick, diseased, in-bred and so on and so forth, I could not let this post just hang there because of what other people might have thought coming into it for the first time.

You might of thought you were being funny, but over-population of cats is not a funny issue, I assure you of that.
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When you post something on a public board, you invite others to "stick their noses in". Sorry if the reply wasn't what you were looking for. That's the risk you assume. Since this cat came to you pregnant and has been pregnant again, perhaps you DID need the lecture.
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Since this cat came to you pregnant and has been pregnant again, perhaps you DID need the lecture.
Perhaps I did Deb and thank you for being the right one to give it to me!

You might of thought you were being funny, but over-population of cats is not a funny issue, I assure you of that.
At no point did I think I was being funny! Last time I looked being flippant and sarcastic was not considered humour!


For your advise, lectures, pointing out the feral problem, my ineptness to do the right thing, etc etc etc......... I sincerely hope you all feel justified and better now that you have all done the right thing by telling me off!

Now I am not sure if that was sarcastic but I am definitely sure it's not humour!
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Definition of flippant:

Marked by disrepectful levity or indifference.

Sorry, but being flippant about this subject doesn't fly on a cat WELFARE board.
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I wasn't being flippant about cat welfare I was being flippant about the kind of questions I got asked! There is a big difference and if you and everyone else here thinks I don't care about the welfare of cats them I may as well stop posting altogether!!!

Source: The Collins English Dictionary © 1998 HarperCollins Publishers
sarcasm [sakæzm]
1. mocking, contemptuous, or ironic language intended to convey scorn or insult.
2. the use or tone of such language.
[from Late Latin sarcasmus, from Greek sarkasmos, from sarkazein to rend the flesh, from sarx flesh]
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