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Amy has just called me into the Nesting Box!!  

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Amy came to get me and we are now having contractions, so anytime soon! WOW!!! You are all going to be cyber Aunties again!!!
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Doing the 'Cyber Auntie' Happy Dance of Joy!!!!!!!

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That is so exciting! Good luck Leslie and I cant wait to be a cyber auntie!!!


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ahem....... Cyber Uncle.......
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Sorry hehe and Uncles!

Okay we have 2 babies so far! A Tri-colour like Amy and a tan/ginger (can't tell) one. Both are fine and mewling and looking for boobies!

NOW THE AMAZING THING IS.......... Tatyana is in there helping! I came back into the room and Tatyana is in the box with Amy and they are both purring and licking kittens! Is this okay?? should I take Tatyana away! Amy has licked Tatty and is purring and seems in no way distressed and Tatty seems to be over seeing the proceedings! And watching the kittens already born! I am not sure what I am supposed to do here! Help!!!
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Tatyana is now lying outside the box with her paw on Amy's back leg and just watching! This is incredible!
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Oh Leslie! I'm so excited for you!! I'm just tickled pink...can't wait to see the new babes! WHOO! I'm finally a cyber aunt!! YAY!! Keep us posted Leslie...
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According to a program on the Discover Channel, cats babysitting and even nursing another cat's kittens is not rare. I would continue to watch though. Congratulations! (I'd let her spend the night alone with her kittens though.)
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Sounds as though Tatanya has taken a LaMaze class and is acting as labor coach!
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PHEW!!!!!!!! This is hard work! I am like a nervous father hovering around and not being able to do much! Tatyana seems to be okay with Amy and visa versa! It is really amazing to watch! Then Tatty will get a bit excited and tear madly around the house and play with toy mice and then come back calm as anything to sit and watch again! LOL! The 2 babies are doing really well and are nursing! The tri colour is mostly black with tan dot's on it's back and the other is an unusual gold beige colour! I am so blessed seeing this! (again *sigh*) Thanks for the info Jeanie Don't worry I will make sure she is alone!
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Fred brought home a pregnant stray once, and when she had her kittens, he stayed with her, licked her face, and even helped clean the newborns. He's a great papa cat.
I am glad Amy and new family is doing well. Congratulations!
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what kind of cat do you have?[mommy]
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Amy is a Tri-Colour Calico you can see her in my Sig! She was a stray that turned up pregerrs and had 3 kittens that we looked after and she got preggers again straight away so now we ware looking after her/them again! (Long story)

There are 4 babies now! The 4th one is Black and White (looks like a cow pattern)
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Originally posted by Bundylee
There are 4 babies now! The 4th one is Black and White (looks like a cow pattern)
Awww....a little Moo-Moo!!!


Everytime I read an update, I feel like I'm standing in the waiting room and Leslie keeps rushing out with the updates!

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How nice Leslie, good luck there.
By the way, Russian Blue's are famous for being good parents. So from now on perhaps also for being good babysitters.
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*rushes back in* *pants* Mother and babies are doing well! They are resting and nursing! I don't know if there is more to come! Can't feel anything! Going to go get her something to drink and eat or should I wait a bit longer???????

Tatyana playing and then coming in to see how we going! I think she wants them to come and play!!!
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Leslie!!!!! OMG how exciting!! At least Amy didn't keep us all waiting impatiently this time. LOL That is so sweet that Tatyana is doing that...and they say animals don't have feel anything. What does the 3rd one look like? I can't wait to see the little angels! :angel2: :angel2:
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I asked about the third kitten, but I can't find my post! What does she look like?
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I just love baby kitties!
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Okay sorry updated information! We know have 5!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

1st is Tri-colour mostly black with tan dot's on it's back!
2nd is A Golden Beige Colour!
3rd is Black/slate Colour
4th is Black and White (cow pattern)
5th is Also black

I think I am going to faint! That means there will be 9 cats in the house!
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Hey Mommy....Us Aunties and Uncle are dying for an update! It's been a LOOOONNNNGGG 30 minutes! LOL!
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Oooh, baby kitties! Kisses and snuggles to Amy, Tatyana and especially you Leslie! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for pics....
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Ooh, I'm so excited! Baby kitties!! You have your hands full, woman. Have a margarita and relax a little.
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You are going to have sooooooooo much fun in the next few weeks! I'm really jealous!
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And if you didn't live so far away I would adopt a couple of them!!!!
Now let me see, I would give a home to....

This one: 3rd is Black/slate Colour
this one: 5th is Also black
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How exciting! I've seen two cats give birth. I definitely is a expirence. I also had 4 adults and 5 kittens. You are in for some fun! I never let the other cats near the Mom and kits. I was too afraid they might do something to them. I can't wait to see pictures. Especially the Moo Cow kitten! I love Moo kitties!
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Tat is a midwife! Good for her - send her out to earn some money! I want pics of my little baby nieces and nephews! The cow one sounds like Merlin's colouring! I'll take the ginger one since you never sent me Piglet! Congrats grammie Bundy! When are we going to name them?
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Woo hoo!!! Congratulations!!! More kitties to love and snuggle with. How are mommy and babies doing?
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Ooooooo! Kittens!

Congrats on a great job of midwife, Leslie! Glad Tatyana helped out!!! I already saw some first pics in your new website....

How's everybody doing?
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Lorie, If anyone gets #5, she's mine! I haven't had a black cat for 4 years, so----you wanna fight? You can have one, but solid black is for me! (Aren't we all envious?)
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