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Buying canned food online "by the can"?

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Hey folks,

In addition to changing my cats over to a higher-quality dry food, I'd like to start feeding ~50% wet "premium" food. That said, I do not have any local sources for any of the premium brands of wet food so I will have to order online.

I know that if I can order in bulk, in cases, it will be less expensive, but before I jump into buying a whole case, I'd like to buy some single cans online for my cats to try... With the plan, that if they like some of them, I can then by a few cases on petfooddirect, national pet pharmacy, or another large online retailer.

So, my question for you guys, is which online companies have you bought from before that offer canned foods "by the can"? I've only found a few so far, and all either have a very limited selection, or have extremely exhorbinant shipping (we're talking ~$19 to ship $15 worth of food! ).

I am particularly interested in EVO, Wellness, Cal. Natural, and Merrick, but a site that offers some of these (and other brands) would also work.

Thank you, as always, for your time and help!
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I do not know what they have, but back when:

was epetpals they would sell by the can. You can check them out.
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Here is another one that will allow you to buy by the can.

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I ordered from Phydeaux when I was trying out some single cans, and their shipping was pretty reasonable.
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Thanks for your replies,

Of all the ones I tried, phydeux did have the best shipping rate...only$10.54 for $25 worth of merchendise, so I did go with them. Their prices were a little more expensive than the other sites, but the lower cost of shipping made up for it (and then some).

I ordered some wellness, cal. natural, felidae, merrick, evo and evo 95% meat, and chicken soup for them to try. Hopefully, they will like most of it.

Thanks again!
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I've ordered from waggintails in the past. Their prices are pretty reasonable, the delivery is speedy and once you register you get plenty of coupons via email.

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I may end up ordering from waggintails in the future...They carry the sample sized bag of orijen that I've been wanting the cats to try.

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I forot about Waggin Tails! I ordered from them & as also pleased with the service.
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Most will offer you some kind of deal if you want to try single cans, but you have to e-mail them and ask. TWO has a sample pack they offer. My cat is on Wellness and luckily I can get it in a nearby city (I buy a months worth at a time) but I do use online ordering for the dogs (2 goldens and a maltese). Petfood direct is one I sometimes use, although I usually get the dogs' food directly from TWO. Petfood direct offers discounts that usually cover the shipping and TWO ships free over $50.
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