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New here! My two new kittens throwing up! Plus bad breath!

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Hello all. I have two five month old Calico kittens who are absolutely beautiful and the loves of my life. I had a cat that died a few years ago that loved his wet food so I thought I would give them some wet food as a treat since Tigger loved it. I have only given it to them two times and both times they have thrown up the next day. It was Hills Science Diet for Kittens so i didn't think twice about giving it to them. Are kittens not supposed to have wet food until a certain age and if so why do they make wet food for kittens? I also subsequently came across that you are not supposed to give kittens wet food while they are teething. Is this true? They also have TERRIBLE breath right now and I have read that this is common during teething. My question is, how long does the bad breath last and when should I become concerned? I am probably just overprotective but would love some input from other cat lovers! Thanks!
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I don't like any of the Science Diet (canned or dry). Try some other brands of canned foods and see if they like it better.

You might have the kittens teeth checked out - maybe they have an infection or something. Also, are they spayed yet?
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I highly suggest a vet visit. You can discuss vaccinations, spaying(if not done already), and their breath. If your vet knows about food, then you can also discuss food. Most vets push Science Diet, which, honestly is not a very good food.
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I am new with orphaned kittens and had a similar experience with canned food. The vet gave me a science diet canned food. One of the kittens would vomit after every canned diet meal. I saw another vet about this problem of vomiting. I switched from Science Diet to a good quality canned kitten food. The vomiting stopped there. Not sure what it was (vet suggested poss. food allergy, or additive in food, this young). We are now vomit free! Always good to check with vet.
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Cats do get stinky breath while teething, yes. But if you are noticing anything out of the ordinary, a vet visit is a good idea. If they haven't been to the vet for their shots and spay yet, I would get on that asap before they end up going into heat. Kittens can eat wet food, the quality usually makes a big difference and while it could be worse, Science Diet is not great quality food. If you just suddenly gave them some of it, it will probably upset their stomachs at first.
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yes the kitties were spayed at the animal shelter and they are completely up to date on their shots, plus they are indoor cats as I live in the city so they have no contact with the outdoors. I was under the assumption that science diet is good since its quite expensive. Their coats are shiny and they are very lively when they are awake so I know they are healthy and they have been to the vet twice since ive had them. What food is better than Science Diet? I dont really feel like they need all natural if thats the case.
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I've been using Wellness Kitten (canned) for my little one and he seems to love it with no stomach problems. His fur is like satin, he's energetic and not much litter box odor.

Don't feel bad about feeding the Science Diet. Before being a reader of this site I too thought that Science Diet was one of the best foods because I was following my Vet's advice. If you do a search on this site you will find many threads about what people think is the best food and why.

My kitten at 5 months got terrible breath from teething, but as the other posters have said, if it seems unusual you should check with your vet. The teething seems to be over now at 6 months and his breath is fine.

Best of luck with your two babies
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