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Natural Life canned food

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Has anyone tried this food? What did you think of it? It looks pretty decent to me and it's only ~75 cents a can. Here's the website http://www.nlpp.com/cannedcatfoods.htm
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The food has ground rice, peas and carrots. That's 3 plant based filler ingredients that don't need to be in a canned food. I would not complain if it only had ground rice or only had carrots but you've got 3. When are the pet food companies going to understand that a cat is not a small dog?

Shop around and you'll probably find some canned foods with less veggie ingredients. I live Avoderm because even though it has ground rice and oat bran in it, there are no perfect wet foods, There are five animal based ingredients listed before it. Natural Balance chicken and liver is good too but I don't like the Ultra Formula because it has carrots, brown rice and cranberries, too much. Fruit is full of unnecessary sugar. Cats really don't have a requirement for fruits and veggies in their diet. Their dietary needs are simple. They need meat, nutrients from organ meants, a calcium supplement which best source is from ground bone and vitamin and mineral supplements. That's it!

Better yet if you can find a quality canned food without grains, veggies and fruit that's even better.
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For the price is one of the better ones...

NO cats dont need alot of veggies ( 3-5% ) of overall diet.. BUT YES 3-5% of diet should be .. I dont cover fruits as I utilize them in concemtrate form for this like UTI health... NOTE Peas are a HIGH up KNOWN allergen ... but to say NO since it has it NOT QUITE right ...FYI ACTUALLY I feed my small dog like a cat .. It seems the pet foods are learning about the dogs and slowly coming around to cats
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How would this be different (better or worse) than chicken soup? I ask because chicken soup also contains rice and vegetables. Thanks!
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chn soup is likely taster since it has more meats but also multiple grains
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