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Rub, rub, rub

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Do your cats rub all over everything when they're being affectionate? Popsie goes rub crazy. The other day he was sitting on the kitchen chair and I was vaccuming him. He kept headbutting and rubbing the kitchen table so hard I thought he was going to konk himself out. I know cats rub stuff to put there sent on it but why do the do it when they are lovey dovey?
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David does that too lol
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Kitters rubs on EVERYTHING! She is constantly knocking down stuff, I think she thinks it's fun!
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Yep! Mine do that too. Spike was in a rubbing mood the other day and send a jug of juice flying across the room... it broke open and splattered juice EVERYWHERE!
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Yep, Tosh does that. He usually ends up butting his head against me and falling asleep while sitting up and head pushed into my arm or other upper areas. It is so cute and funny. Snoring usually happens too.
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Trout isn't too rubby actually..only when I first get home usually..Thankfully she doesn't konk herself out
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Molly and Whisper do this the most. Molly does it probably because she's not coming for human affection very much (yet! We're making *huge* improvements!). Whisper also does it, but not as much. He usually seems to *think* he's rubbing on me or Reagan when he hits something else.

Reagan prefers humans
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