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Well I did it. I bought a new car!

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We have three cars that are pieces of crap. My car broke down Thursday and his Jeep broke down yesterday. The other one is my truck that I've had for almost 10 years; it's been a good truck but it's showing it's age and needs some work done.

We finally had enough and decided to go car shopping. We don't have much money to spare but had to do something. I can always cut back on groceries or (eek!) my online frivolous spending. After going from dealer to dealer and comparing, I was getting very annoyed at how much they wanted for a USED car. I finally went to a new car dealer, walked in, and said, "what can you put me in for under $200 a month with no money down?" I drove off in a BRAND-NEW 2008 Chevy Aveo hatchback!!!! I couldn't believe how they scrambled to meet my demands. It's a bare-bones car, nothing fancy, but it's great on gas and RELIABLE!!!!!

My husband and I are calling it "the litter box" because it looks like a covered litterbox on wheels.
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congrats mitty is cute and same weight as my shadow
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Congrats! It's nice to know that you'll have a reliable car for the winter ahead. You'll really appreciate the good gas milage, and it looks like there's quite a bit of room for hauling stuff too!
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Glad you like your new car. I'll stick to my Toyota - its better on gas mileage then "American" cars
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Congratulations. I did the same thing last time. A reliable late model used car wasn't that much less and then there is a higher interest rate on the loan.
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you got a nice little car. My little brother has one and loves it for around town driving.
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congratulations, now you will have reliable transportation
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Congratulations on your new ride! You'll really love it, they are great cars!
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Congrats!!!! "The Litter Box"
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Congrats on your new car! I'm glad they were able to find something to meet YOUR needs and not theirs.
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Congrats on your new car!
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Oh how exciting! A brand new car Congrats for sure!
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congrates .... I have a friend with one and she loves it
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