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The best litter mat?

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Well, I think I've decided which eco litter I like best, and that would be the scoopable pine.
The biggest downside to this litter is that it tracks, so I'm looking for a really good mat for in front of my pan.
I've only tried 3 mats in the past. The first one was like an outdoor carpeting, but it was longer loops. Chester just jumped over it. The second one is what my mom uses which is a hard plastic mat with grooves in it. I don't find it does much, and I tend to stub my toes on it. The last one is what I'm using right now, which is just a car floor mat (carpet).
Just looking for the best to prevent tracking as best I can.
Thanks guys!
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try this website I got a litter mat here its pretty good. I like it, it comes in different patterns too
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I've tried about everything out there, specially made for cats and not. What's worked best for me is just indoor-outdoor carpeting, which I bought off a big roll at a home-improvement store. It's the kind that's brushy -- like very short astro-turf. I cut it to fit the closet where the boxes are, plus a couple feet outside the closet door so that it's big enough that the cats won't jump over it. Buying this way is much cheaper than buying a made-for-cats mat, and most of those aren't nearly big enough and/or they don't fit the space you have to put it in.
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Originally Posted by catzrule40 View Post
try this website I got a litter mat here its pretty good. I like it, it comes in different patterns too
I've seen those ones at petsmart, and almost got one, but they have holes in them right? so all of the litter that gets brought out onto the mat ends up on the carpet underneath?
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I bought two of these at Petsmart and so far they work ok. They don't trap as much of the littter as I would like. However, they are easy to clean and can be cut to fit. The backing is clear so it only looks like it has holes.
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I like the Petmate litter mats, with the little paws in the corners. They catch really well, come in three sizes, and are nice and soft on the tootsies.
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Another vote for the petmate mats here! They seem to work really well and are not hard or prickly, so I think most cats wouldn't mind walking on them. They aren't that bad to clean, I just take them out and shake them once a week.

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I bought a thin, regular door mat at Lowe's, for $5. Rubberized "fuzzy" surface so it catches stuff, and we simply orient it so Juniper can't jump the whole thing.

All the "pet" ones seemed too big or too expensive (or had silly things on them), so we were quite pleased with the stuff at Lowe's. I imagine home depot would also have some good options.

The other nice thing is that you can select from a variety of sizes and colors, to fit your cat and floor
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I've found a deeper box keeps tracking down. I have a longhair kitten who was making quite a big mess--between kicked and tracked litter. I made a deep box out of a rubbermaid tub and have had almost no litter out of it.

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I did the same as Tim, they just jump over any of the litter mats made for cats
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Thread Starter tims in the crowd please raise your hands

I'm thinking about the carpeting....kinda worried about the sawdust getting stuck, but if I hate it I can try that petmate one...I'm just skeptical about it working
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