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should i get a third?

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about 6 weeks ago we brought home max, and then 4 month old male. we had an 8 year old, damian, at home. damian has become such a grumpy old man since we brought max home. he tolerates max and pretty much just ignores him as best he can. however, all max wants to do is play with and jump on his new best buddy. i think it's cute, but boy it makes damian angry. damian is not the same cat anymore since we got max. so we were thinking of getting another young one for max to play with, so maybe he will leave damian alone. what are your opinions?
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I'm no expert, but having a large rescue furfamily that's always had to roll with the punches, and having always believed that "until there are none, adopt one! (or more)", I think it'd be a great idea to save another precious life. It may well give your Damian some well-earned relief from his "go away, kid, ya bother me!" younger brother. GOOD LUCK and do keep us posted, won't you?
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I think a new kitten would be great. It would match the energy of your new kitten where your 8 year old cat is kinda living at his own pace. I bet you will never regret doing it!!! Two kitten are so much fun to watch!!

Good luck!
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I agree, another kitten around Max's age should help distract him from Damian.
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I vote for getting another kitten. (Of course, I do that under most circumstances...)

But yes, it sounds like your older cat is getting that "damn kids on my lawn" attitude. Another kitten would let the older cat be the Wise Observer, and the kittens could play with each other. With some of the play stress off of Damian, he might even mellow towards the little devils.
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Better do it soon--Baby and Tiny were 18 months and 8 months respectively when they met, and it took four months for them to warm up enough to start playing together! So hurry up while that four-month-old is still flexible enough to accept a playmate.
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ok, my friend works at a vet office and she was telling me about some rescue kittens they had. they got them several months ago and all needed to be treated for a bad case of ringworm. they are all cleared, i think there are 3 or 4 of them, and all have been fixed and ready to go home. they are around 7 months old, max is about 5-6 months old (all his baby teeth just fell out in the past two weeks). my friend was telling me that sometimes under stress the ringworm can come back, is this true? i would consider one of these, but well, my 6 year old son is, well, not always the quietest person in the world and stresses animals out. i don't need or want a ringworm outbreak in my house.
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