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"Where Shall I Sleep?"

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Hey kitties! And, of course, your humans.

I just want to ask you all, where is your most favourite place in the whoollllee wiiiide world to sleep?

I love love LOVE to sleep in an old cardboard box that meowmy put out on my first day in my new home. it's so much better than that soft and furry ''expensive'' basket she bought me!

So, where do you luurrve to nap?

Mitzi xoxoxoxoxox
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I love to sleep in the linen closet were mommy put down a blanky for me. It's so dark, warm, and cozy in there.
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Mmmm....I love to sleep on a pillow my meowmy laid out for me...right bu the sliding glass gets great sunlight and lots of fun stuff to watch!!!
Second favorite is on top of the laundry hamper...
<3 Ike
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Well, most of us purrfur the big kingsize bed in OUR bedroom, where we have our own Hot Rock for Cats in the form of our purrsonal servant, who throws out quite a few btu's for us nightly. Maryam, Calico Queen of the Desert, purrfurs her own "throne" in the dining room, and Baby Su has taken over the guest-room bed.
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Patches: I love to sleep either under the bed, under the covers or on the tip top of the cat tree

Whitey: I love to sleep where people will eventually pay attention to me. Rugs, beds and the couch are my favorite spots.

Luna: I can't tell you, I love to hide.

Beauty: The top of the couch or in the cat bed are my two favorite spots.
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We love to sleep on Momma's bed, or on top of her tall dresser, or on her little dresser, or on her windowsill, or in her closet, or.........
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Joshua: I like to sleep on the bed on top of the TV. It's really comfy and best of all... it's high. I like high-altitude naps.

Kinah: At night, I like to sleep on mommy's bed. She sleeps on her stomach and I cuddle on her back or between her legs. During the day, I like to sleep on mommy's lap, or in her arms.
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Meowr! It's me, Loki! My favorite spot to sleep is in my kitty bed near the bookcase and front door!

Mew! Hi, I'm Possum. I really like to sleep on the couch near my Mommy.

Loki and Possum
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Hi! I'm Clyde, and I like to sleep wrapped around my mama's right leg. The left leg... well, it just isn't quite as good, somehow.

I'm Pearl! When I get sleepy, I climb up on Mama's chest, give her chin a good washing, and settle down to purr in her ear. I think she likes it!

Dylan here. You'll find me sprawled on my back in any available chair, all four paws in the air, tail curled modestly over my personals. My humans can't seem to pass by without rubbing my tummy... but that's okay.

My name is Sassy. I live in the kitchen, away from all those other cats -- though Dylan does come in and snuggle with me at night. My favorite place to sleep is on the comfy padded windowshelf my humans installed for me, where I can watch the birdfeeder all day long.

Hello. I'm Abby, and I share a room with the human they call Grandpa. I have a lovely olive-green divan just the right size for me, and that's where I like to sleep. Thank you for asking.

Well, I'm the only kitty in the house who's allowed to sleep with the human they call Grandma! She has a beautiful room with a big four-poster bed, and it's my very favorite place to be. Oh yeah, my name is St. John -- but Grandma calls me Punkin.
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I been sleeping in a box momma got for chistmas last year. Affor that I sleepeded in a tent momma gotted for me. I likes to sleep on momma too when it gets colder out though I used to sleep on daddy. Momma is not as fluffy as her used to be so her's more comfortable!
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My favorite spot is sitting in Meowmy's computer chair! I put hair all over it for her, and I keep it *very* warm!

- Reagan

I like to sleep anywhere on the stairs. This prevents Meowmy from going anywhere important without me noticing. That way, I can follow her wherever she goes and howl if she's on the wrong side of the door!

- Whisper

I'm kind of shy right now, and I like to sleep behind the big-screen TV, or behind the couch. I also kind of like it underneath the end table. But they aren't very soft spots, and I'm starting to think about sleeping on the couch, if Whisper would stop chasing me around!

- Molly O'Malley
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Heyu--foot of the bed or on top of my stomach
easy under the blanket right next t me..

what can i say, i am just a living cat pillow
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naps in a heated cat bed
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My favorite spot to sleep, or just hang out, is on the bottom corner self.
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I like to sleep on momma's bed...I wait there all day for her sometimes..doesn't she know its cuddle time?!
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