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Has anyone tried the "Activia Challenge", where you eat the yogurt for 2 weeks and it's supposed to help your digestive system. I have a lot of stomach problems and I thought I'd give the Activia a try. If anyone here has tried it, does it really work?
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I saw the commerc ial too and also have alot of stomach problems.
I just picked some up from the grocery store the other day, but I haven't started eating them yet !
Best of luck to the both of us...I HOPE they work
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I haven't tried it but I watched a programme last year called the Truth about Food. Check out the link:
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I've tried it. It didn't work for me.
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i did, and it works well for me!! i love the taste, and i eat one jsut about a hour or so after dinner, and it works well.
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My father has suffered from chronic diarrhea for over two years (yeah, he's let it go on this long ) We finally got him to go to the doctor and he's been diagnosed with bacterial overgrowth syndrome. Activia didn't work for him at all.
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I believe the point of this "bacteria regularis" is to prevent you from becoming constipated, not to help with other GI tract issues. Eating more fibre in your diet will accomplish the same thing.
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I can't make myself eat yogurt

The whole "bacteria" thing is just too much, lol.

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I was too full to try it tonight, LOL, so I'll start it tomorrow. I really hope it works!
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That stuff made me sick. Compared to Stonyfield Organic it tastes like chemical sludge if you ask me. Activia has a lot of added "stuff" in their yogurt.

You can buy acidophilis capsules in the supplements section of most stores for the same price as a pack of Activia.
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Warning: could be a bit TMI.

Well, I ate some Activia today. I ended up only eating half of the 4 oz. container because the taste was horrible to me. Half was enough I guess because about 20 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom. I've been in there every 15 minutes or so since and I have horrible stomach cramps. I'm also a little bit nauseous. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I had eaten the entire container. John said I just need to keep trying and eventually my body will get used to it, but I don't know if I even want to try again!
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Oh no! I guess it working a little too well huh?

I found it expensive and v. icky to the taste. If it works for you, I'll try again though.

I did find Yoplait recently offering a 'good for GI" new yogurt. I had a good coupon for it so I tried it. It is very good and tastes as good, but different than their usual yogurt. I didnt try it for two weeks, didnt follow thru, but the taste definely did not drive me away.
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tried it ... too much sugar for me ... taste wasnt bad ...

I use a multi strain probiotic and It works... lol... I , mom and Gigi all use it
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