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My girls

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Starting with Sydney!! Or boo boo as we call her

Daddy told her he was going to give her a kiss....she hates kisses....ewww!! people faces My girl is a true calico!! Attitude included!

"Kiss me and I'll hurt you!"

Girly glamour shot!

and of course Molly!! She's 7-8 months old now

Shhh....we won't tell daddy I let you sit on the counter

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Awww Sydney you beautiful girl since you like kisses so much, here are some more just for you
And what a beautiful girl Molly is here are some kisses for her too
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Oh there all just beautiful Molly's face reminds me some of Clipix's Jin Jin
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sydney and molly are so cute! Love mollys fluffy tail reminds me of davids tail lol
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reilly is sooo cute too
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you have cute furbabies, I would kiss her anyways,
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They are both so pretty! Their coats look so nice and healthy. Great pics
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OMG, look at Sydney's face! That first picture is just priceless, she looks soooo mad... but adorable! Molly is such a beautiful little girl, her colors are just gorgeous and she takes beautiful pictures. Beautiful girls you have Tracy!
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Oh there all just beautiful Molly's face reminds me some of Clipix's Jin Jin
The same worldly wise eyes.

Both lovely girls, Tracy.
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Awww Boo Boo...My DH calls all the cats that Your girls are just precious...Don't feel bad about Molly on the counter...happens here all the time...and they have stopped listening to me
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