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Prospective job questions???

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HELP ME!!! I'm looking for a new job (still a receptionist, but with more admin type work) that pays more. I talked to one lady today and she described the position to me and I would fit it perfectly! (Plus it pays what I want) But, they are doing interviews on Monday, and since I work full time, I don't know how I am going to get out there. My boss doesn't know that I'm looking for a new job, and I can't take a vacation day because its too short of notice. And I don't want to take a sick day because I'm worried that if I don't get this job, that I will have wasted a whole day for only one interview. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can work around this? Has anyone else had to deal with this when looking for a new job? And advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks everyone! :flower:
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Hmm. . . well as long as you're willing to tell a little white lie. . then you can go with these excuses to get out of the office for just an hour or two:

Doctor/dentist appointment - I know it's short notice but you could say you had one schedules for a month or two from now but they called because someone cancelled and asked if you wanted the sooner appt.!

You need to take your car in for some quick work - it's about time for an oil change, isn't it?

You need to be home to meet the cable guy/electrician/plumber, etc. for a quick house repair and they won't come unless someone is there.

Hope you can work something out. Seems like a good opportunity for you!
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I don't think the doctors appt. will work, because I was just there on Tuesday. :laughing: And the car idea won't fly with my boss either because then he'll have to have someone cover me and that will make him short handed. Then he'll just go on and on about that I need to do that on my own time yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure some of you who have bosses like that know what I mean. But, the staying home to meet the plumber sounds like a good idea!! Now, why couldn't I have thought of something like that? :LOL:

If anyone else has some ideas, feel free to chip in too!
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In the past I always book my interviews right at the beginning or end of the day. Interviews are usually only an hour so I just tell my boss I have an appointment.

If I book it in the morning I just say I'm running late. Of course no one wants to lie but you have to look out for yourself.

Other than those lies I'm a perfect angel!

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