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I Can't Find Pepper!

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I have searched all over th house and I can't find her. When I went to sleep she was next to me, paws around my neck, now I can't find her anywhere.
They have found a way to sneak out, (I came home from work and Fluffy was outside Friday night.) so she may have gotten out.
Please send her some "find me ok" vibes. I am frantic!
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OH NO!!!!! Come out Pepper!
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Oh no...they sure know how to give us a heart attack don't they. I hope you find her soon.
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I found her!
My SO woke up a few minutes ago, and I asked him if he had seen her. He flipped back the blanket and there she was, sound asleep, on her back with her tongue hanging out, snoring. Very much like he was just before he woke up. I never thought she would be there because they don't really like each other that much, and she usually doesn't cuddle with him.
I am so relieved! Now I would like to give her a good spanking for scaring me to death! (Don't worry, I would never do that.) I am just so glad he found her. She is a big girl, and I had this vision of her getting stuck like Winnie the Pooh where ever the others are slipping out.
She still has not rolled her lazy little butt out of bed. She made a little grumpy noise and pulled the blanket back over herself. She does not like it when the hardwood floors get cold.
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Glad you found her. At least she was safe and warm. Pepper don't give your momma a scare like that again.
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Oh I'm so glad you found her! That's one of my biggest scares, loosing one my my kits. I'd cry!
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They've found a way to get out? That's really scary... and something could get in, too! Maybe you should get down on the floor and crawl around at cat's-eye level until you find their escape route! (And be sure to have DH video the process for us, too... )
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