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87 years here .
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husband got 99, since we share most of the same healthy habits I wonder if mine was that much higher since I am female.
I still can't copy/paste my result here. It won't let me copy it there and paste it here. When I copy then come to the text box, the right click won't let me even have the option to paste it.
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Mine said 82 though I doubt that highly. It only offered as mother deceased under 80 and she was 44, grandmother was 44 as well and aunt was 46. Think that will really lower my chances.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Good quiz. It predicted I have until 106!
How do I copy paste it here like Pami?
Oh my goodness you must live under a rock and eat nothing that's bad for you Just kidding. But how on earth are people getting over 100 if the quiz is "Living to 100?!!!!!
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