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Hey, hey everyone!!

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come check out our new forum! The Poetry/Prose/Literature (in-between names!!) Forum


you can share your short stories & poems, about your cats, your life,
anything - talk about books, poetry you've read, share your favourite literature,
scripts you're working on

just let your creative mind flow

it's the place to be

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Don't forget the special "name the forum" contest!
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Your certainly the meow! What a great idea, especially from such an incredibly talented romantic poet as yourself.
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Katie...I will definately check this new forum out real soon!! I have a bunch of e-mails of posts to go through first from the lounge, but I will check it out soon!
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I just love that forum! What a GREAT idea and perfect moderators as well.

I'd love to hear everyones critiques of the peace I wrote and posted this morn. Even if you hate it.
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get your creative, short-story writing, brilliant, mind in there!!


"even if you hate it"

yeah right!

your writing is inspiring & original, please keep posting
for us all to read!

and Everyone Else!!

go take a peek, you know you want to

it's where all the kool kats be hanging out!! :laughing2
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and... dont forget to vote for a new forum name! we need more votes!

you can vote here :


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