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Sick Kitty? Advice please...

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Two days ago I adopted two 8 week old kittens from a shelter. However they have had one treatment of de-worming. The first night home they ate, drank and used the litter box with no problems. Yesterday they were both really outgoing and very playful and would cuddle with you. Again eating their food, drinking and using the litter box with no problems. Both of their stools were solid.

However, this morning I come to find some diarrhea (no blood) in the box and clear, foamy vomit on the ground. I watched both to see who was having the problem and only one is. She had eaten a little bit of wet food but vomited that up. Since this morning, she has had diarrhea twice and have vomited 3 times. She is still drinking a little bit. This morning she was still a little bit playful, but not like how she was yesterday. She now has been sleeping the past few hours.

The other kitten however has been eating and drinking fine. Being extra playful with us, and using the litter. no signs of vomit from her.

So my question is what could be causing this? I have read a few things about changing their diet too quickly can cause some upset. But the vomiting and diarrhea makes me worried. I wont be able to take her to the vet untill maybe sometime tomorrow. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like a reaction with the worms/medicine in the one kitten. Eight weeks old is pretty young to be adopting. Try some boiled shredded chicken and give the one some of that till you get them to the vet.

They might have been given worm medicine without really testing to see what kind of worms they may have had.
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