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Thanks to all of you!

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Last Summer a pregnant stray showed up at our house. I faithfully read all the advice the members here gave. Having never had a cat before, we learned to feed our pregnant cat, to cage or confine her and to feed her nourishing kitten food. On August 22th she gave birth to four cute, healthy kittens. You helped us know when to introduce solid food to them, how to encourage litter box training and when to allow them to go to their forever homes. Who ever knew you can clip a kittens claws??? Their new "mom" tells me the kittens never fight her clipping their nails at all because I had done it and they were used to it! We were happy that the two boys got adopted into the same home and the sisters are also together in their new home. We could not have asked for a better ending to a unfortunate pregnancy.

The mom cat is newly spayed and will live with us. For anyone dragging their feet, PLEASE spay or neuter your pets! We were so fearful that these kittens would not be adopted. Here in our area of the US, there are kittens being euthanized at shelters weekly. We were very fortunate to send them to two loving homes to two families that have had kittens before and even know the benefits of having multiple cats.

Also, know that keeping a pregnant cat and her litter of kittens is very costly. We only spayed one cat. With all her medical bills, food and litter costs - we have probably spent nearly $300 and still need her boosters for the distemper and FIV shots in a few more weeks.

Again, thank you all and thank you also for listening to my final ramblings in this "Pregnant Cat and Kitten" section. Maybe I'll run into some of you elsewhere on this forum!
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Wow what a very nice post! Someone that listens to our advice and experience Glad everything turned out well and happy with all concerned.

Only one request...........post pictures of your kitty
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That was a realy nice post. I'm glad people listen, and act on what is said on this forum. We are one big happy family. I too have had the help I have needed when it comes to pregant cats. I agree with everything that GoldenKitty has to say.....including the picture part!!!!
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Thanks for posting that. It is a great testament to what Gaye, Anne and others set out to do when this forum was created. Many, many thanks to our experienced members that offer advice each and every day. This shows what sharing your knowledge can achieve.
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Wow! Thank YOU! I am so glad things turned out well for you and for your little Momma-kitty and babies!

This post truly warms my heart. When the idea of the TCS Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum was first introduced these few years ago now, needless to say, it wasn't received with a lot of enthusiasm nor did anyone think it would last very long here. Afterall, TCS is a site dedicated to Cat Welfare and one of the most important things we can do with regard to our cats is to be responsible when it comes to spay/neuter. But in the interest of reality, cats do become pregnant in spite of our best efforts to prevent it and I was firm in my belief that a place to find information about care of pregnant cats was needed - and even despite the strong opposition to it, I remained of the opinion that people would find us and take advantage of the information we could provide.

We've had some bumps and bruises along the way but all in all, I am so proud of what we have accomplished with the PC&KC Forum here at TCS. I believe that we ARE helping and that we ARE getting the message of responsible cat care out to those who seek it.

My sincere thanks go to Anne for believing in this idea and allowing us to run with it. And my undying gratitude goes to all of the Forum regulars ... you are the ones who deserve the credit here because all of you are the ones who keep it going on a daily basis. Thank you.
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I would love to share pictures of Smoky and her kittens! Please direct me to the message that tells how to post pictures. I have never done that here and could not find the instructions that I know I have read previously. Thanks!
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There is some info here on how to post pics:


If that doesn't help, send me a PM and I would be more than happy to help.
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