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Kid Nation

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Have any of you watched Kid Nation?

I watch every episode and it's one of the two TV shows I religiously follow. It's really interesting seeing kids trying to run a town. I love the drama too, like when Taylor was on town council. Jared is one of my favourites--he is hilarious. The episode that he bought some 'pimp daddy' clothes and walked around town was hilarious. That kid should have his own show!
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I love Kid Nation. It is one of my favorites to watch - and I didnt think I was going to like it that much. I couldn't stand when Taylor was on Town Council and kept saying "deal with it." I think my favs are Laurel, Olivia, and Mallory. I thought it was so funny when Jared bought his "pimp clothes." That kid is hilarious.
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I've really enjoyed it! I've seen every episode except for the one this past week! It's pretty good
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I really enjoy it also. I would think that a lot of the parents are very proud of their children. I have been amazed more than once with how level headed a few of them are for their age. I always cry though when one wants to go home 'cause they miss their family! My hubby thinks I am crazy but I think my little girl would miss me a bunch if she were in that situation. (or maybe that is mommy hoping she would) I do know that when I was that age my grandfolks had chickens and I could never watch them butcher them so I was surprised when the town voted to eat the chickens!
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I've been wanting to see it!!!!! What did they ever do about the religion thing. I saw a clip on a comercial about them debating religions....
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