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URI questions

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One of my kitties was brought to the vet yesterday because of some sneezing/discharge and stuffiness. He was diagnosed with an URI. He is currently on antibiotics.

My question is that I have 1 other kitty. He has not been put on any antibiotics as of yet.

He has been sneezing a little also but no discharge yet.

Should I ask to have them on the antibiotic as well just as a precaution?

My concern is that I don't want them to keep getting it at different times and just passing it back and forth continuously..

Anyone else had this sort of situation happen? What did you end up doing?

Thank you!
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I would advise getting antibiotics for the other furbabies as well - especially if they are already sneezing. URI is extremely contagious, and chances are if one has it, the rest will follow. That's been my experience, anyhow...

Do any of them have their shots yet??

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If you can, quarantine them right now from the other cat!!!

We just had a good round of URIs at our home. KittKatt's right, URIs are extremely contagious. Watch the sneezing-no discharge cat right now...no need for a vet bill right away.
Our vet said to wait and see if discharge is occuring. If its clear, then you still don't have to worry. If its colored at all, then take the cat in. So Whitey, Beauty and Patches were all on antibiotics, while Luna sneezed for 3 days and that was it. Whatever she had never progressed.

Watch your infected cat also, to make sure s/he is eating. Beauty was by far our worse case of the 3 where she spent a week in the animal hospital. She was to the point that she couldn't eat and even while force feeding her I wasn't able to get enough down. So she had to be put on an IV and treated with shots for a week. After being sick for 2.5 weeks she's FINALLY acting like her old self again.
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Lunasmom - I am sorry that Beauty got so sick but I am glad that she is feeling better now!

The vet also told me to watch the other one (because I brought both of my boys in) and if I notice a discharge to call and he will just prescribe the antibiotic over the phone I assume.

Taylor is still eating pretty good thank God. I am hoping that I caught it early enough so that it wasn't bothering him to much.
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Isolate the sick one and make sure that you wash your hands with antibacterial soap after handling the sick one. If the sick kitty sneezes on your clothes, change them. All those things will transmit the disease to the other kitties in the house.

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