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What animals were in your house when you were born?? - Page 2

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Big old smoke-gray tom cat. I remember looking up at him from the bottom of the stairs once. He scared me.

My mother says I cannot possibly remember this, since he died when I was barely a year old.

He was replaced later by two cats, a gray tabby named Humphrey and a calico named Callie. Calli slept on my feet at night, Humphrey followed my Dad around like a dog. Once Humphrey attacked my very most hated babysitter!

When I was eight-ish my parents had Callie put down (she was very sick. ) But didn't tell me about it until after it was done. I was soooo upset I cried for weeks. I wanted to say goodbye.

Callie was replaced after a few years with a white cat with a gray spot on his head. We got him from a house up the street... they'd been raided by the police (drugs) and the cat's owner was going away for a long time. I declared his name was Somalia and we called him Sam. He was spastic and weird and aggressive. But I loved him anyway.

After the kitties I wanted a snake. My mother said NO WAY IN ****. So... enter Copper, the corgi. She's ten!
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Oh my..... I'm sure it was about the same when I was a baby, but I found pictures of me when I was about 2-3:

On a blanket with about 6 kittens
On a blanket with probably 20 chicks
In a playpen with a few baby piglets!

My dad was a pig farmer, if you didn't guess! That was one of my favorite pictures, and I always tell mom that it's all her fault that I love all animals!
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My mom says they had 2 cats. Spanky (I have a pic of me and him. He was a cute orange kitty) and Topaz. I think Spanky is the reason I like orange cats so much.
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I've been told there was a kitten and a puppy in residence when I was born and they were the first individuals I met after I was brought home. Mom took time to introduce me to them.

The first dog I remember was Teddy Bear, a blonde cocker spaniel. First cat I remember was Tom Tinker, a blue tabby DSH.
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I don't remember that far back but I do recall St Bernards, Corgis, German Shepards, A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Collies, Cats of all sorts, and birds in our houses where ever we moved to.

But my mom believed in animals are just animals and cats should be outdoors only. I remember vividly my cat being hit right outside our house in Athens Ohio when I was very young. The firemen came gave the my kitty to me (he was gone though) and were washing his blood off the street since I could see that from my window. I cried for days ... Because of that, I'll never let my cats go outside. It was horrible and tramatic. That's one thing I know I'll never forget in my entire lifetime. I forget alot of things and have a patchy memory, but THAT, I'll always remember.
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