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Dress Up?????

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I have a question... Does anyone else out there like to (or want to) put "outfits" (like just a shirt or a bandanna or something like that) on their cats??? Or are dogs the only animals that are acceptable to wear them???

My family adopted 2 kittens in July and it took me untill Halloween to convince the other family members to allow me to put a shirt on them. They looked SOOOOOOOOO CUTE in their Holloween shirts (I will post pics later). I want to get them Christmas shirts (to match their Chistmas collars) too.

Cali and Ripley were not bothered by the shirts. I put it on them and they they were oblivious to them.

Am I weird to want to do this??? Or are there other people out there who do it too????

Is there anyone who makes "cat clothes"????
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I did it a few times when I was younger. Mitten was the only one I could "dress up" somewhat.

The dog gets to wear a bandana and Santa hat during the holidays
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My parents put shirts and outfits on their dogs for everyday wear and special occasions. Their favorites are the Halloween outfits, of course!
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I'm just too afraid of something getting caught and hanging a kitty up somewhere... I won't even give them collars!
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I've dressed up my cats for Halloween. When Princess was a kitten I put a baby dress and bonnet on her and she looked SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

I dressed George up as a cop last year. He didn't exactly enjoy it but he didn't hate it either.
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I bought a pink frat boy sweater for Enzo He looked so cute, he didn't exactly enjoy it though What a party pooper!
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