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Sunny Videos

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Sunny is 15 years old but you can't really tell by the way he acts. He is still very playful and sneaky. He was born under a car, infested with flea's with no mother, and yet he's only gone to the vet two times in all his years. He has never been sick. I've been with him from day one. We have the strongest bond I've had with any animal. Look at me going on and on. Okay, here are the videos, lol.

Sunny playing

The Milk Trick
Note: If I catch him doing this I stop him, but I had to get it on video
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Very cute videos, he is a sweetie!
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Oh, your Sunny is SO gorgeously handsome and so adorable! Thank you for sharing his videos with us, and for loving him.
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Loved the videos, especially with Sunny and the glass, that's so funny! He's a gorgeous boy. I have a 15 year old who acts just like a kid too.
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Hehe, what a sweetie

I LOVE the milk trick clever kitty!
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