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Awww!! go on Dad tickle my tummy for me

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Smiley Milo always rolls over to greet me when he has not seen me for a while. The lady at the cat rescue reckons he has got a bit of Bengal in him, I dont know if she meant by his marking or in his behaviour, maybe somebody might be able to spot the similarity

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Wow I love his markings and his coloring. Very beautiful. What a love muffin I love his little white paws too
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He is adorable!
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Originally Posted by u8myufo View Post

Look at that expression, how can anyone resist?
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Awww! I wouldn't be able to resist rubbing that furry tummy! He looks adorable!
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What a beautiful kitty!!!
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Seeing that adorable tummy I can't tickle, is like seeing a hot fudge sunday I can't eat! I'm in pain"
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I dunno, but if he's totally energetic and into everything, then that's a Bengalish temperament The markings are very high-contrast, like a Bengal's. So maybe a grandparent or something, or he's a DSH who got lucky and got lookalike genes... Bengals are getting really popular, and some people unfortunately don't neuter theirs and then they go mate with the alley cat. He's beautiful, though. Those stripes... man. Just beautiful. Like a little tiger. And he's got his vest buttoned with buttons! I bet you get a kick out of that
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What a cutie pie
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oh my, what an irresistable tummy tum tums, one would just have to get that belly... TOO CUTE!
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