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Kismet In The Car On The Way Home!

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Kismet is on her way home now!! After fighting for her life for the last month and a half, almost losing her a couple times and having to surrender her to the vet for the last 3 weeks because she needed so much care she is on her way home!!! Eating, completely off the meds and getting her strength back!! I am quickly getting my apartment ready for her! I have to seperate her and cello for awhile because being a protective mama, especially now, I want to know exactly what she is eating/drinking etc!! I have bought samples of every food that the local pet health store has and have lay them around the room so I can find what entices her best!! as well as every treat I know she loves! LOL.......I just can't wait to have her back!!!!
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That is wonderful!!!
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Yippy ....
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I'm so happy to hear that your sweet girl is coming home.
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That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you.
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That is really great news. Welcome home Kismet.
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That's fantastic news! Is she home now?
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That's great news!
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Yes she is home!! Just giving her some quiet time to settle alone in the bedroom, I want to give her tons of cuddles but I know she probably needs some time to settle to the smells and feeling of being at home.......
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I'm so glad that your sweetie is home!!!
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that is wonderful
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So just a quick update. I checked in on her and she is hiding under the bed, so I put some food under the bed, but she'll have to come out for litter. It makes me a little bit sad that she is hiding, she didn't even really hide when I first adopted her and brought her home! But I have to keep reminding myself that she has been back and forth to the vets for the past month almost, she has been there 2 weeks straight until today and she isn't %100 I guess this is normal.
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i'm so happy to hear that Kismet made it! remember she's still probably not 100%, which may account for the hiding. the firewall at school has kept me off most of this week - last i read, you were going to have her PTS. this is a much happier result!
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Yay!!!!! Welcome home, Kismet!!!!!

(Maybe she's hiding because she's so happy she's home and doesn't want anyone to take her back to the vet. It's so frustrating that we can't explain to them that we take them to the vet because we love them)
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I am so glad she is home and eating again. She will come around and be herself, she has been through a lot. There may be an adjustment period with the cats getting used to each other again as well. It will just take a little time.
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Yay! I'm so happy she's home.
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That is great. I'm so happy for you and Kismet.
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I am glad Kismet is feeling better. I think she is probably hiding because she is freaked out about being at the vets so much. My cats usually hide for a while after vet appointments.
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