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Adoption vibes for Annie

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Just wanted to request some adoption vibes for my sweet little foster girl, Annie. She's going to an adoption fair at Petsmart today and I'm hoping someone falls in love with her. If you can spare some adoption vibes for the other kitties, that would be great too. Many thanks!
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Sending lots of vibes for Annie and all of the other kitties! I hope they all find wonderful homes!!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
With all my forces to her my friend!!!
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Here hoping Annie and all the rest will find their forever homes!
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I hope she finds the perfect home
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Praying she gets a wonderful home!
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Perfect home for Annie
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Thanks, guys! Whoever adopts sweet little Annie is going to very lucky. The good news is that, since the rescue has extra cage space at Petsmart, Lucy can stay on after the adoption fair. I hate the idea of her being in a cage, but the volunteers are great about giving the kitties lots of attention, plus it's great exposure for Annie. She won't be there for more than a week and, if she doesn't get adopted, she'll come back to me, and we'll keep trying. Keep those vibes coming. Thanks!
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Lots of vibes for little Annie!
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Thanks, guys! Annie didn't get adopted today, but there were some empty cages, so looks like several of the kitties got homes.

Annie could use some calming vibes more than anything right now. I just stopped up to visit her and she hissed and swatted at me when I reached into her cage. Poor little girl is obviously scared to death, so it may not work leaving her up there. We'll give it a couple of days to see if she settles in, but I may need to bring her back here otherwise. She's never hissed at me, even when I trapped her, so she must be really scared.
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Calming and adoption vibes for sweet little Annie!
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calming vibes for sweet Annie I hope she gets a forever home soon
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Oh poor baby girl maybe that was just too many people for her. Sending many calming vibes for Annie
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lots of adoption and calming vibes for Miss Annie! she just misses her boyfriend
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Awww... Poor Annie! I can understand how she could be frightened with a lot of people and the noise that they sometimes make at those adoption fairs! Lots of calming vibes for her, and adoption vibes too!
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Someone with a loving heart will go to PetSmart tomorrow morning and fall hopelessly in love with Annie.
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Oh Annnie.....I can't believe nobody adopted you today.

you calm down & somebody loves you for you soon.
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Oh poor thing. I am sorry she did not get adopted today. For her to feel calm. Poor baby.
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Good luck and sweet calming vibes, Annie!
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Thanks guys. I know the TCS vibes will help Annie know she's safe and in good place. Unless the rescue says otherwise, I'm going to leave her at Petsmart for the time being. I hate that she's scared but, if nothing else, she's getting used to new experiences, which she needs.
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I hate that it must hurt both of you, but yes, new experiences probably are the best thing for her.
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Sending many, many vibes for sweet Annie...I hope and pray she finds a loving, forever home very soon!
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Awww, poor little Annie I hope she gets adopted soon..sending many vibes for her
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hope all the kitties find wonderful new homes!
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Thank so much for the vibes, guys.

Annie hasn't been adopted yet, but she is definitely much calmer about being at Petsmart than she was a few days ago. I stopped by to visit her yesterday after work and she greeted me with a meow, headbutt, and by rolling over and purring very loudly. If she doesn't get adopted by the weekend, I'll bring her home, so another kitty can have her kennel for a week, then we'll continue rotating them until they get homes.

The friend of one of my co-workers who lost both her elderly cats last year is interested in adopting two young kitties, one female, one male, so I'm hoping maybe she'll fall in love with Annie and maybe adopt a male from the rescue too.

There's also a beautiful solid gray female, a cute male tuxedo and a couple of adorable black kitties also available for adoption at Petsmart too, so please keep the adoption vibes coming for everybody. Thank!
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Lots of vibes for all those beautiful angels to find loving, forever homes!
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