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A new Mod on the Cat Lounge!

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Please welcome Laurie (LDG) - our new moderator for the Cat Lounge. Now you all be nice kitties and don't give her no trouble!

Thanks for joining the mod squad Laurie!
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Woohoo Laurie

Trouble.... Who ME!?!? Never!
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Welcome to the team Laurie! I know you are going to be a wonderful addition!
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Congratulations Laurie!!
You deserve this honor!
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Well done that girl! Hope we don't cause you too much stress.
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Congrats Laurie!!! I'm sure you'll be a great addition to TCS's already awesome Mod Squad!
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Yay! Laurie!!! Can I say I already had a feeling you were heading that way?????

Way to go!
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Congrats, Laurie!

I'll try to be good...
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Woohoo Laurie (again!)

I do solemnly swear never ever to cause you any trouble.

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Congrats, Laurie!
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Yay Laurie!!!
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LOL! Thanks guys!

...and I'm sure you all thought I didn't bite! Don't make me come after you!

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I'll be well behaved, I promise!!!
post #15 of 29 but I had to give up my great "Fighting for Ferals!" title!
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I'm SO happy you joined us Laurie!! You'll make a GREAT Mod! Too bad about the title, though....maybe you'll just have to add it to your signature line.
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Hey - don't give that girl whips and chains to control us!

This is fantastic and well deserved! You add so much here on a daily basis and I look forward to everyone of your posts! I promise to behave so that you won't have to work extra hard!
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Congrats Laurie!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by adymarie
I promise to behave so that you won't have to work extra hard!
Spoken like a true Canadian!!!!

On the other hand, I think I'll throw you a curve ball every so often to keep you on your toes!!

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Hey Lounge Mods - I'm new to this job here! Think I need to delete that last post?

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Laurie, that's soooo fantastic!!!!

P.S. And by now you've noticed that I am always well behaved!!!
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Well - I thought it was a general interest story (Why Cats Purr), so I posted it in the Lounge. But it really is a behavior issue. Well - according to the article, it might actually be a health issue.

But I decided to practice moving a thread on myself! Think I need to send myself a PM to notify me of the move?

Who'd a thunk I'd be the first trouble-maker?

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Aw... Lorie - you're ALL great!!!!

...and thanks for the warm welcome in my new role!
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Way to go Laurie!!
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congrats girl! I knew you'd rise to great heights!
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Hey, Laurie! You left your whip at the last forum! You'd better go get it in case Adrienne acts up!
We're all happy for you.
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Welcome once again! I already said it in the mod lounge, but twice can't hurt, can it?:tounge2:
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Congrats Laurie! Keep those trouble makers in line.
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CONGRATULATIONS Laurie!!!!!! You are such a wonderful addition to the Mod Squad!!!! I am so happy to have you onboard!!!!
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