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cooking for catsss..

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my cats besse and chilli, don't like raw foods, infact when besse brings home presents in the form of rats, she is almost gagging.

chilli is suffering a bout of post surgery diarrea, and wet food is too processed and wet!!??

i am currently mixing a small amount of wet with steamed pumkin, potato and rice. he loves it!! (although he could be firmer)
i read earlier boiled chicken and rice, pumkin, and hamburger mince.

i'd like to actually make their food as besse didn't mind it either! i'm after simple recipes as they also have quality dry food (bar mr.bean at the mo').

chilli has enjoyed sharing my dinner with me after he has his own daily and really loves vegies! pumpkin is a fave along with corn, snow peas, peas, sesame seeds - i think thats the texture he likes?! pasta ect. always very small amounts tho.

he has chewed on some grass, as all sick animals do, so what can they eat in the veg world?
the research i'm doing is confusing and doing my head in slightly, like this http://www.felinefuture.com/nutrition/fruit+vegetables.php its either 1 way or another and nothing in between.

nourishing dry food formula with a soft food supplement. wet food is like mush and jelly, cooked meat and veg with rice would be a lot firmer and seems to sound good to me.

any thoughts?
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Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats has plenty of recipes, including a couple of "kibble boosting" formulas for cats that are also on a commercial diet.
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It's generally a bad idea to feed cooked food to cats, because it kills off some important enzymes but still makes them full.
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