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Something to be aware of.........

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For those of you out there with both cats and dogs, I found this today.
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Yes, I've heard that long ago. Another caution is that a grooming place should not be bathing cats in any sink that has been used for bathing dogs - especially if the dog has had a flea bath in that tub! Rinsing the tub won't eliminate the residue from the dog flea preparation.
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Thanks for the warning, I hadn't heard of it. I have 2 dogs & use Advantage so I'll be looking to see what's in it. When my old dog passes on I'll be getting a new pup, so Blossom would be more likely to groom it once she accepts it as part of the family.
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Thanks for the head's up!!
post #5 of 8 do you mix them up? I will keep that in mind though!!!!
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I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip! Something else for me to remember when I get my vet tech degree.
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I've seen this posted on other forums and it's causing a bit of confusion. You need to keep in mind this article was written on permethrins. I don't suggest using them frequently or without great reason on a dog anyway. They are quite toxic to many animals and common in cheaper parasite treatments. This is also what is found in most antiflea shampoos (mine uses cedar oil) and the reason you shouldn't use the same shampoo on a cat or wash the cat right after washing the dog with it. Many longer term flea preventatives like frontline and advantage actually have the same active ingredient just in a different amount so the cat coming in contact with a little left behind on something or on the dog isn't a problem. Advantix would be an exception and is toxic to cats but again I don't really like using it on dogs either. Too low of safety margin. That's why despite the fact I like advantage better I went with frontline plus when looking for something that also treats ticks instead.
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This is why I would rather wash my own animals then to take them to a groomer. At least I know what I'm washing my animals in
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