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Hi, I have a 6 month old kitten named Crunchie!

When he went for his vaccinations at 2 months he was diagnosed with a grade 2 / 3 heart murmur (just by them listening to it through the stethescope thing). The vet suggested with him being so young it may well close up but that we would check on it every couple of months. Well at 4 months we went and were very pleased that it appeared to have closed up a little, still there but not as bad... the vet however did suggest we hold off on neutering till 6 months to give it abit longer to heal.

Well we took him in for neutering this week but the vets said its too much of a risk to put him under anaesthetic at the moment as it is still very present. So we have him booked in for a heart scan on Tuesday (an ultrasound i think) with a senior cardiologist (luckily we have a very good vet nearby).

Basically i'm just asking incase anyone has any advice on what i should be asking etc... The vet suggested he may require medication, or just a special sort of anaesthetic - lighter? for any operations etc, it all depends on the results.

I want everything done that can be done, he's our little baby, and a huge snugglebum, you wouldn't know he's sick!

Thanks, Kirsty.
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Many people and pets have heart murmurs and do just fine.
I have several children at school with heart murmurs. You'd have no idea, except that they have to have antibiotics prior to any invasive medical procedure - including dental cleaning.
There are various medications used for anesthesia - there are some that are better to use for people/pets with a heart murmur.
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