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Hi im new but need serioius help!!!

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Hi everyone!!
I am new here and my name is Kiaira but you can call me Kizza!!!
I am 15 years old and my parents and I would like to get into breeding siamese kittens from our girl!!! But first we need to see how we go with our first litter!!

The kittens were delivered 5 weeks ago on a Friday!!!
There were two little black and white girls and one little black boy!

The little black boy sadly passed away after 3 days of living, we found him cold in the bed next to his sisters. We think he may have been sat on as this is the mums first litter

The little girls as I say are now 5 weeks old, and going well. They are chasing us around the house and running to the door in the room they sleep in when I open the door.

But this is where I need help.. in 1 weeks time my nan is coming down from batemans bay (5 hours away) to stay for 3 nights and then is going to take a kitten back home with her.

She cannot come at a later time as she cannot travel and is lucky to be allowed down now!

The kittens need to be weaned.

One is lapping up milk as of today. The other has no interest what so ever.

The one that has no interest is the one which my nan is taking...

They are both still suckling on mum, and need to be weaned off her!! quick!!!

Is there a way I can do it???

Any tips to get the uninterested one interested?

I heard that if you put tiny bits of white bread in the warm kitten milk, then they will suck on the bread???

Sorry to keep my introduction so brief but i really want to get a move on!!

thanks in advance for any help I am given!!
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So these kittens are 5 weeks old and a few days? They cannot leave their mom until at least 12 weeks old. They are much too young to be weaned. They also shouldn't be eating cows milk, they need to nurse and you can begin to let them have the kitten food you leave out for mom all the time. What do you feed her? She will show the kittens how to eat it when she is ready and they are as well.

You can't do that to them so quickley, many end up with issues growing up if they are seperated too early. They need to be allowed to nurse until the time they leave (remember, that is not until 12 weeks old). Mom need to show them how to eat, how to use the litterbox, how to behave like a cat, how to groom, socialization, etc....

Has mom been tested before you bred her? Who did you mate her with? Was the tomcat tested for heriditary diseases as well as FIV/FeLV?? I hope for the lives of the kittens that they were all properly tested... Also, just out of cruiousity, how did you get black and black/white kittens from a Siamese? Didn't you breed her with another papered purebred Siamese? Is she a papered, purebred Siamese?
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OK well here we go!!!
Yes these kittens are 5 weeks and a few days old.

I didnt know that they cant be weaned off their mum until 12 weeks old... we got 3 of our cats at 6 weeks old and they are the most friendly best behaved cats we have ever had...

They are not drinking cows milk.. I dont know where you got that.. They are on kitten milk from a well known pet supply store who also told us to wean them now and that most kittens are weaned at 3 weeks old (onto milk not food)

We feed her tinned cat food and biscuits. She is already trying to get the kittens off her teats by pushing them away and walks away.

Im sorry but again I dont know why you say to leave them until 12 weeks. All the kittens go to new homes at 6 weeks old in our town and other places too..

Mum has had all tests vaccinations etc before breeding.

We mated her with a fluffy grey (wasnt meant to happen) Lilly got out the door when we opened it and didnt come back for a few hours, we couldnt find her. Few weeks on and she started to plumpen up... Then when we got the news that she was pregnant we wanted to watch and see how she handles babies before buying a male siamese...

the end.
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Ok, so kittens don't need to be weened until 12 weeks. Most will be nearly fully weaned at 8-9weeks, but will still snack from mum at times.

6 Weeks is still too early to let anyone go. Breast milk is the best milk for kittens, not a substitute, although they are still good. They need as much nutrients from the breast milk as they can for proper growth. Although it can be done by a human, a mum cat is the best method for teaching kittens to eat solid food also. If you read some previous threads about orphan kittens that have been bottle fed, you will see the trouble these people have had when it comes to teaching them to eat solid food.

Kittens also need to stay with the mum until at LEAST 10weeks to learn proper cat behaviour such as hunting and play. This is not always the case as personnally I have let my kittens go at 9 weeks, but I feel that 6 weeks is definetly too early. And Iim not all kittens are sent away at 6 weeks in your town, as this is definetly not the case. Where do you live? I'm sure there is someone here form your neck of the woods who will tell you how old they are when they go.

5 hours is not a long time. Is there no way that you can take the kitten to your gran when they are older? Why does she have to collect it?

I know your only 15, but it is really worth telling this to your mum, as she should have the final decision.
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I had a talk to my mum and dad.

They said that it didnt matter and that they never said that nan HAD to take them.

We are leaving it up to lilly to teach them and we will keep them until they are both eating right and drinking right and using a litter box. Then we will take 3 days off and travel up there to take one to her.

Yes i did say that everyone let them go at 6 weeks but i know that not everyone does it
I know of 6 people that do it, so will be having a talk to them.

I cannot say where i live because that is the rules my parents have set. Sorry.

by the way. Nan had to collect it at the time she came because she has alot of medical problems. Im not sure what they are but i know that she takes 13 tablets a day.

thank you for your help!
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I'm so glad about that. I didn't mean 'where do you live' as in an address, I just meant the town so someone from there who are members here who correct your mistake. I'm from the UK anyway.

So, I'm glad that you are not letting them go so early, I just asked my partner if he could imagine us giving up our kittens at 6 weeks (he's not so into cats as I am) And he NNOOO THATS WAY TO YOUNG. And so, I'm pleased about your desicion.

Sadie xx
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dont you worry im glad too!!!

i thought that i would have to have the kittens ready for nan, but didnt realise that mum and dad were going to travel there to take the kitten anyway!!!

But im still going to put out milk and kitten food. Because i saw one with its head in her bowl today while she was eating!!

thank you!!
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Some kittens will sample solid food earlier then others. I usually start weaning them at 5-6 weeks old, but mom still will nurse a month longer (on and off). You should keep the mom and kittens together for a minimum of 10-12 weeks old.

They not only should be completely potty trained and eating solid food by then BUT MORE IMPORTANT they learn very important social and behavioral skills that only come from mom and siblings. You were lucky to get a well adjusted kitten so young - most have major problems leaving earlier then 10 weeks old!

And with Siamese, they tend to need longer social adjustment then most other breeds.

Now, as far as getting into breeding - I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I'm gonna be a little hard on you.

Breeding should ONLY be done to improve the breed of the cat - not just to produce cute kittens, kittens "just like mom" or for money reasons. The cats should be quality purebred cats that are registered, shown in cat shows and have at least a champion (if not higher) title on them. The parents should be tested for any kind of genetic problem that may be in the breed's history.

You must be prepared for emergency c-section or if mom can't take care of them - you will have to bottle feed, clean, etc. kittens; and this means bottle feeding every 2-3 hrs around the clock.

You should have the kittens given shots before they leave and have a contract that the owner has to spay/neuter by 3-4 months old (unless you really cannot find a vet to do it till 6 months old). Also in the contract you should agree to take back any kitten/cat that the owner cannot keep.

You are responsible for every kitten you produce.

Unless you've really studied all aspects of keeping and breeding a pedigree cat, you should have mom/dad neutered and spayed now. BTW if you keep a male breeding cat, he will have to be caged so he cannot breed all the time and if left loose, will spray his territory - like rugs, shoes, clothes, etc. So he has to be caged for that main reason.

Breeding should not be taken lightly!
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Kizza, listen to GoldenKitty and the others on this site. Animal breeding is not a fun cottage industry, a lark or a way to make a quick buck- tell your mum and dad that I said that. it's serious business. I am glad that you came on this site to ask people who know more than you do and were willing to lislten. That's a sign that you are a very intelligent and mature young lady.

I have a question about your grandmother - if she is unwell and possibly frail, should she be looking after a tiny, frisky kitten? They are a lot of work!

I do shelter and rescue work and I usually recommend an older and more calm cat for a senior person. A companion and a friend, not a tiny terror, as kittens at 10 weeks can be. I don't mean they are horrible - I mean they are FULL of energy and get into all kinds of mischief! Her house would have to be completely kitten-proofed and then they still find ways to get into trouble!

Besides -I don't know about Australia - but here in the States, there are sooooo many unwanted cats that to intentionally bring even more into the world without a guarantee of homes is really not such a good thing.
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I sure hope that mama cat and all the kittens get neutered. There are enough cats in the world. PLEASE don't make anymore. Cats are being put to sleep by the thousands each and every today. Please don't contribute to the problem.
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We arent breeding anymore. I thought I wrote this somewhere in my post. Obviously not.

One of the kittens isn going to my nan. She can handle it, its just traveling. She looks after kittens at her neighbors all the time and loves it. The house has already been kitten proofed. She has all the carriers for vet stuff and beds and powders and sprays.

The other is staying with us. We are spaying all of them including mum.

BTW we werent doing it in the first place to make a quick buck. They were actually going to be given away to some people demanding kittens from her.

thank you.
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When we had kittens (eight of them) they were all different as far as weaning - one just started eating mom's food, and for the rest of them I mixed kitten food with wet food, and they were nursing as well. And of course, fresh water

There is a possibility that the kitten your grandma adopts might get lonely for its sibling. But I've also adopted a kitten that was just fine without its littermates. Just something to keep in mind.
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Thank you for getting everyone spayed

I'm sure your friends can find a pointed cat/kitten in the shelters if they like your little girl so much

Just curious - is the kitten you are keeping a male or female?
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It's alright, Kizza. We're not pouncing on you.
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Thanks AddieBee - I know that you aren't pouncing on me!!! LOL I did get upset though because I got confused. I was told by my parents that we werent breeding but not long ago i got the picture that we were! then you told me not to and i told them and then they said that we werent and that they never said we were etc etc!!

GoldenKitty45 - yeah they are going to have a look in a shelter!! They decided that they wanted to save one!!
The kitten we are keeping is female - but will be spayed along with mum!! Nan is going to keep the other kitten in the house, but she is going to spay it.

thank you kluchetta!!!

My nan has delayed when she is coming down, she is going to a party near us in a few weeks, when she comes to stay a few days, she will pick Pud up and take her straight home if she is ready, when she now comes to take her, the kitten will be 12 weeks old!!!
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