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Good color for a baby girl?

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Remember awhile back I told ya'll my niece is having a baby. Well I started working on a blanket for the baby. So I was talking to my mom and found out she is having a girl. So I got to looking around the house to see if I already have some baby yarn around. Well I have to skins of a variegated baby yarn:

Scroll down to seashore print. Is that ok for a girl? It has light blue, white, light purple, light pink and light like minty green. Do you think thats alright for a girl?
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I think it would be perfect for a little girl!
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Oh thats definetly a girl color. I hope you post the blanket when you are finished.
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I know you didn't ask, but I kinda like the "Giggle Multi" one a little better - has more pink in it.
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I like it too

That blue is for boys and pink is for girls is so passe! Babies look adorable in any colour, regardless of their gender
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The giggle multi is pretty as well but I don't have that on hand. The yarn I am using I bought 1 year ago when there was a sale at Wal-Mart. I bought a bunch of different colors for 1$ a piece. I had a light lilac but used that one a blanket for another baby girl.

I'll post pictures when I get it done. I have until early Febuary to get it done. She is due sometime in March.

I just got done making a round ripple blanket, scarf, 2 wash clothes (cotton) and 3 hot pads (also cotton) for my mom.
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It's a perfect color!
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That would be perfect! Nice thing about girls is that every color goes for them...too bad I have three boys.
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I think that little one will look wonderful in just about anything you make for her! There's nothing better than a handmade blanket from a loved one!
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Oh I like it! It should be really pretty!
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I think it'd be fine.

I hate the silly 'boys=blue, girls=pink' crud... even as a small child I despised pink.
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Both of my little girls have hand made blankets that have colors that are considered boy colors. We don't care what the color scheme is b/c the blankets were made by family or friends. Also our girls sleep with the blankets and love the blankets. In my opinion the color is less important than that of who made the blanket.
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I really give lots of credit to those of you who have the patience to do that knitting stuff...I don't Can't wait to see pictures of your final project.

Now I like to draw and paint things - that's my creation
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That's fine, of course I would have my girl in every color but pink.
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