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Kitty got a Pepperoni

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Was eating pizza today... Baby (she of the Clever Paws) snagged a piece of pepperoni I had on the side of the plate and scarfed it before I had a chance to get it away from her. Should I be worried?
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If it was just one piece, I wouldn't worry much.
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Pepperoni has soooo much grease in it, it can't be good for them. But I don't thnk a snagged piece every once in a while will hurt. My Lil Bit has a pepperoni fetish....and has a fit whenever we have pizza. One little bite is all she gets...and it makes her happy.
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We had pizza tonight and I gave each kitty a tiny piece of pepperoni, ham, or sausage (I pick it off, I don't like it). I wouldn't give it to them very often but as a very rare treat it's ok.
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A bite or two won't hurt them. Some cats may be more sensitive to spices tho
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NO for one .. but here are pork issuses

PRESERVATIVES..... nitrate nitrite erethrobate

Excessive Salt ( even for humans)

Too much fat and the fat is INDIGESTABLE TO kitty
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One piece, yeah. I guess the worst I can expect is stinky poo. :P
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Here is something useful to know: Holly Golightly, the feral cat I rescued from KFC, survived a whole year by eating fried chicken! The employees told me that she had been hanging out at their parking lot for nearly 12 months. They fed her chicken wing each night. Plus, she ate trash from the lot. When I found her, she was perfectly healthy except for asthma issues. So, I wouldn't worry about the preservatives and grease in one pepperoni,
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Well... got a big puddle of kitty throw-up on the floor last night. So I guess something didn't agree with somebody's stomach. Three guesses what, and the first two don't count. Serves ya right, kitty (and serves me right for not watching my pepperoni better)!
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