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Thursday DT

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I'm sick.....

Came in because to work only because it's payday and I am the one who recieves the pays.

I'm heading off to bed in about 1 hour.

My head is pounding, my stomach is turning.....

This is not goiong to be a fun day.

P.S. Had a great time at the Casino last night. I didn't win but my friend did. I played $5.00 on a machine, decided I did not like it so I moved and my friend sat down at "MY" machine and won $325.00. All she put in was $10.00. Next time I am crazy gluing my butt to whatever seat I land in when I arrive. This has happened to me waaaay too often. I knew I was getting sick while I was there because I did not feel 'right'. Should have stayed home........BUT, I had a great time so that's all that counts.

Have a great day everyone.

I probably won't be on too often but I'll check in later.
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Ghys the flu is going around. The Asst manager in my office has it. I'm hoping he won't pass it on to me. My father is out of the hospital. I called home this morning. He was having back problems and was in a lot of pain. They put a pump in his back so he can administer pain meds directly. He went back in because they thought he had Phnemonia. His one good lung was filling up with fluid. I'm going home this weekend to hang out with him. My boss is also having problems. For months he's been complaining of stomache problems and popping Tums. They think their is a mass on his liver. They did an ultrasound. His mom keeps calling me because she is freaking out. I'm trying to keep her calm. I'm starting to get a headache this morning. I hope I'm not getting sick!
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I don't know if I want to hang around here or not. Y'all seem to be sick.

Actually, I'm kind of stuck. I've had to barricade myself, in this room, as it is not safe in the rest of the house, this morning.

In a departure, from his usual indolence, OPIE is on a rampage and, of course Rowdy is joining him. The patio isn't any safer. The dogs are having a romp and, rather than making use of our large yard, they have chosen to wrestle underneath my chair.

I may be able to make a break, for my car and escape. Perhaps, I can buy a whip and chair and attempt to regain control of my household.
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Well, I'm not sick - I'm just grumpy this morning. When I told a co-worker he said that I could never be grumpy - by I proved him wrong in a bout 5 minutes! I think he is afraid now. Don't you hate those days when you wake up and think it is Friday and it isn't - that was me today. Ack! I will check in again today, but I should probably get som work done!

Healthy vibes going out to everyone who is sick and good day vibes to everyone!
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Im grumpy too and I have already had 2 cups of coffee this morning. Ack. I think it comes from lack of sleep last night. I dont know why I couldnt sleep, one of those nights.
I caught up on my programmes, I recorded Joe Millionaire last monday and watched it last night. I just read that Sarah was a bondage model and can be found on the smoking gun.
Its raining here, and I have run out of books to read.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Ghys - I hope you feel better soon!
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LOL i need a pair of those!
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LOL, can I borrow those for chemistry class?
"Now, when youuu mix these two substances... they might foam up. *10 minute silence* Or... they might noooooottttt."

Downloading Muppet songs to put on our Photo Slideshow DVD for my grandma. Have to go out with the digital camera and get some photos, because it's finally a sunny day.

I'm not even dressed and it's almost noon...argh.

Might go to WalMart...have to get some cat litter. I don't know if I should just go to the grocery store, but it will cost twice as much there... meh.

Calling bingo at the nursing home tonight...

and that's about it.
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Jeepers Creepers! Where'd ya get those peepers?
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I'm joining everyone who is having a not so good day. Two of my coworkers called off today, so there is only my boss, plus me and another guy. (Luckily, a floater was able to come in and help out) There are only 5 of us altogether. I am the receptionist and the rest of them work in the mailroom for a company. Now I only get a 1/2 hour lunch instead of an hour, since my boss is going to have to cover me. Oh well...

In addition to that, I have a ton of homework to get done today. I have my Spanish class tonight, and I haven't finished that yet and I have a whole unit to finish in my computer class be tomorrow!

I have to call someone back about a receptionist position thats open near my house. I'm looking for a new job, and this one looks really good. Its for a company called Paysystems. They process electronic payments. The only thing I'm worried about is finding time to go for the interview since I work full time.

Have a good one everyone!
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Weh hey! My chappie is coming home!!! He has been working in Birmingham, about 100 miles away from here and has been living with his mum and dad and only able to come home some weekends. He hates his job and he hates having to live with his parents (he's 37). But today he was offered a new job based in a city only 15 miles away. The money isn't as good but his quality of life will increase enormously. I miss him when he is away during the week and at weekends he is so tired all he wants to do is sleep. The cats miss him. Our friends miss him. I am so happy!!

Hope everyone is feeling ok and fights off that nasty flu-bug.
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Spooky - good luck! Hope you get the job!!!

flimflam - what wonderful news!!!!!

Ghyslaine, Nenners - take care of yourselves! Ghys, I'm glad to hear you (hopefully, by the time I'm writing this) went home. Nenners - I hope you're not getting sick!

Cindy - good luck! LOL!

Lizza - even those glasses wouldn't help today!

You have to add me to the grump list today... Last night was completely sleepless, and that's after an almost completely sleepless night. And I don't even really know why! I THINK I'd be in a good mood if I weren't so darn tired!

BUT - on a cheerier note - IT IS 41 DEGREES HERE IN THE SUN TODAY!!!! They SAID it was supposed to warm up - and when the thermometer stayed around 20 degrees last night, we started to believe it. This morning - 15. I almost cried! But then the sun came out, and it really did start to warm up. Our first day above freezing that I can remember for weeks! The outside gang is finally getting a little bit of a break! (I spent at least a half an hour out there with them - first time in a long time my poor little toes could take it!)

Oh - I became a Mod in the Lounge today!
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Another grump here, too. Had my monthly fight with my evil cow-orker. She's just one of those people who can't see their own behavior and who think that they never do ANYTHING wrong. I told her I was sick of having the same argument over and over, and I had given up talking about it. As far as I'm concerned, it's every person for themselves now.

On a positive note, it's sunny here too! Finally, I didn't have to clear inches of snow off my car in the morning! The sun is blaring in the window and onto my monitor but I don't care-it's so nice to be in bright!

Well, I hope everyone gets into a better mood, and that all you sickies stay away from me. Just kidding I hope y'all feel better.

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I crept out of bed....

I was there from 10:30am to 2:00pm. I decided I'd have a little bowl of chicken noodle soup. Bad move....

I hate being sick. I want my mommy!!!!!! again.

I hope everyone who was grumpy is doing better.

I'm heading back to bed. The boys will be home in less than 2 hrs.
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Woohoo Laurie!
Congrats on becoming a mod!
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I am now at home sick, with the rest of you. It's not too bad, yet, and I'm hoping to head it off at the pass so to speak. I saw that I had a PM right before I left work, so I had to check in when I got home. Blah...I hate feeling this way. Sounds like it's a not so great day all over, except in Paula's world. That is great new about your man coming home!!

I probably won't be on much this afternoon, going to try to beat this thing with much sleep. Gosh, I almost did a real slip typo. I almost said "I probably won't be home much..." instead of online. Whoops! What does that say about me?!?
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LOL! TCS is home to many of us, Heidi!
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I am so hungry and teed off. I told Jake I didnt want to cook tonight and that it was his turn. He keeps asking me what we will have for dinner and I told him that I wasnt going to think that up tonight! Now he has gone off to sleep. I am so p....d off, I think hes doing this on purpose so that I will get up and cook something. I might do that, just for myself
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Kellye-If I were you, I would just cook dinner for myself. :laughing: Hubby has done that to me before and then he's actually surprised when I don't make him anything. I'm sure Jake will learn soon enough that he has to cook his own food or else starve to death!
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This must be grump day! I was too! To many bosses & not enough people to do the work. One person quit,one had a day off,one was there but wasn;t! Old people screaming all day,come home to mother-in-law in a witchie mood,which made hubby that way too![ I work in a nursing home] Specking of a nursing home we have started the paper work to get mommy dear in one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon I hope. My marrige depends on it.
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I feel good!!!! WooHoo!!!!

I woke up at 6:00 and realised that my headache was gone! Plus....I was hungry!

I'm so happy it only lasted today.

I have so much catching up to do here...I don't think I'll get it all done tonight though. Plan is to get to bed early anyways...even if I do feel better.

Good night all!

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I came home and slept for 3 hours. And to think I was going to stay at work until my supervisor asked me what was wrong and then kept asking me about every hour if I was feeling better and practically insisting I go home and take care of myself.

The other reason I know I was really sick is that I had our little nurse with me the whole time I was napping. Ophelia is such an empathic kitty, she always know when one of us isn't well or in pain and will stay with us as long as she feels we need her. Even when she was little, even before she ever let me actually pet her (she was a feral kitten) when I was really sick for 3 days she stayed and slept on the pillow next to me for the whole 3 days. She still didn't let me touch her, but she stayed close and did her kitty best to help.
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