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Keeping kitten warm

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One of my kittens, Bastian, has not been thriving. (See this thread: http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147630 in Health&Nutrition.) From what I was told he should be 9-10 weeks old, but the vet estimates more like 6 weeks. Bastian's body temp is low, and my vet suggested using a space heater to help keep him warm. Does anyone have any other suggestions for helping Bastian stay warm? If I got a heated cat bed, do you think he would use it? My vet did mention the words "Fading Kitten Syndrome" as something to be watchful for, and after reading about that online I am just terrified, and I want to make sure I'm not letting this little guy get too cold. Thanks for any ideas you might have!
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I had a newborn, i found her on my lawn. I put a hotwater bottle under a towel, and put her on top of the towel in a box, with a towel over the top to keep her warm, I know other people have used heating pads, if you have a heating pad I would try that, I would still put it under a towel or blanket, so he doesn't get too warm,, the vet also said body heat works good, give him lots of snuggles,
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Another member posted about a "pet sleeping bag" they bought at Big Lots for $9.99. That sounds very good. Or you might consider a fleecy or faux fur sleeping mat, or a berber fleece cat donut bed, from Petco, PetsMart, or Drs. Foster & Smith, etc. http://www.DrsFosterSmith.com or http://www.catclaws.com are good online sources. Any warm blankets will help. I would NOT use an electric heating pad or any other electric apparatus. If they get wet, they can be disastrous. I would use one of these warm alternatives, and yes, LOTS of body contact, strokings, and love, along with positive thought/prayer. I'm adding mine for him -- he is so sweet-looking and I know he's just precious!
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You could use a hot water bottle as a temporary measure until you find something more permanent. Put it under a blanket. But make sure you keep checking the temperature.
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With a preemie which is what this sounds like, your best bet is to buy a pet heating pad. This is a safe way to keep a kitten warm. Another alternative is a what I call the pouch potato. You can make one easily enough and you will find the instructions on my website www.kitten-rescue.com Or, you can use one ready made found in any infant department store. I recommend it, especially if the vet fears the kitten might fade. Your heartbeat will calm the kitten, and you will be able to keep a good eye on her. Another alternative can be found at www.snuggleme.com

Good luck
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Thanks for all your suggestions! I am going to try to make a pouch potato tonight. I had him snuggled in a blanket with me most of the afternoon, but it's tough to get much done that way! We'll have to experiment with some different things to figure out how to best keep him warm once the weekend is over.
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You can also try to find a self-warming pet bed. I've been looking everywhere for them here, but with no luck.
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Hmmm, I'll have to look at Petco/Petsmart for one of those beds. I made a makeshift pouch for Bastian out of a pillowcase and a shoelace. He slept contentedly in there for a couple of hours. Here he is poking his little head out:

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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That is so cute. Have you had the bloods back yet?

After the weekend, you could make sure that their bed is close to the radiator in their room, and that it is on. Also pile loads of blankets in there so he can snuggle himself in. Links gets under my duvet to keep warm.

He might get so used to his pouch that he goes in there when you are not home, so make sure you leave it in the room with him.

Good luck on the pet bed. We have them in our local pet store.
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