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That was a really nice one!
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How now brown cow?

Dr. Seuss: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

The first response reminded me of a book I use to love as a kid:

"My Icky Picky Sister" Boy! Did I learn later that I did have one!
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Jenney you sure are a silly one! I love it!
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One that my dad always said since he loved kittens is.....

The Trouble with a kitten is that
eventually it becomes a cat

And I need points.. After the week I had I need some cheering up.
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I thought this would be a good opportunity to share one of my favourite poems by WB Yeats......

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
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Reason: I love TCS and I'll donate 500 points to the poster after me.
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Points are great,
hope I'm not too late

Reason: to get points!
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Great ones again guys! To the next person that can guess my favorite color as well, 1000 points!
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Nope... But for a first guess, you win 200 points!

Keep guessing guys!
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Congrats!! You win 1000 points!!
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Reason: I love to read a thread or post, and if anyone need's a bit of cheering up, I love to buy them a gift! You know, you can't be there with
them to give a hug, or drink a cup of coffee or a beer so , this makes
one feel special! I am a giver, it makes me feel special also!

Rhyme: If you give me some of your points.
You won't regret it!
You can loan them to me, cause I have
good credit!!!
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reason: I just want more points
rhyme: I have no mo rhymes,
guess thats why I'm behinds!
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Fall’s Chores
By Joanna Fuchs

Summer’s getting drowsy now;
Soon she will be dozing;
Flowers are folding up their heads,
Another season’s closing.
Fall is waiting in the wings,
Impatient to get going,
He has a lot of work to do,
Before it’s time for snowing.
"I have to paint the leaves," he says,
"In shades of red and gold,
And send the geese along their way
Before it gets too cold.
"I’ll ripen pumpkins on the vine,
For sweet Thanksgiving pies,
And plump the apples on the trees
To make cider that satisfies.
"Sunshiny days will be shorter now;
I’ll add a cool, crisp breeze;
For this relief from summer heat,
I make no apologies.

"I have just one more thing to do;
My work is almost done;
I’ll turn the leaves to crunchy piles,
So kids can have fall fun!"
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I still got plenty of points to give away so, for the next three people 500 points each for a Rhyme about your cats!
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Tiger is so funny
He's soft like a bunny
He loves to run and play
I love him more every day!
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Nice one Rachel 500 points to you!!!
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I have 5 cats
Kiko, Tino, Ducky, Laura and Easy
I love them so much
I am so thankful that Easy was so sleazy

I have been thinking about
Bringing home a new baby kitten
But who am I to kid myself
I know my 5 will not be smitten

So I will snuggle with them by night
and feed them and clean their woo by day
and keep thinking about that future kitten
waiting for my 5 to say "OK".
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Loki Cat likes my nose to bite,
Honestly, I hope it's just play.
Possum Cat cuddles day and night,
He always likes getting his way!

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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I am so thankful that Easy was so sleazy

OMG Thats great
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Great one you guys! 500 to Pami and 500 to Green Bunny!! Pami, no sending them back x10 this time!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
Pami, no sending them back x10 this time!
But Im not playing for points and you keep giving me points
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It's war now!!

Ok, next posts, give me a reason for why you got each of your kittys!

Post 1 gets 600 points.
Post 3 gets 400 points.
Post 5 gets 800 points.
and the person who posts 9th gets 1200.
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Well, since no one has started, I will. I have no life.

I got Loki because I was going to start living on my own and wanted a friend. I knew I didn't have the time for a dog. Also, after being in college for 5 years, I missed animal companionship. I had moved away from my Lady dog because my college was in Chicago and my home was in St. Louis, so I only saw her every few months. By the time I graduated and moved back and alot had gone on and my Dad had moved to Florida and Lady had moved with him.

My sister, by this time, also had 2 wonderful cats, Mouser and Minion. Because of certain circumstances she was back living with my Mom, and her 2 cats and her dog were with her. Now, the cats and I already had a great relationship, but the 3 months we lived together was wonderful. The only other time I had lived with cats prior was when I was a baby, which I don't remember, so it was a new experience.

I got Possum about 3 months after Loki. I suspected that he was lonely because I was working and going to school a lot of the time. In his previous home, before he was surrendered to the Humane Society, he had lived with 2 other cats. I kind of thought that maybe he needed a friend and was unhappy as an only cat and being alone so much. He was and he became much happier when Possum decided he wanted to be Loki's friend.

There were, of course, particular reasons on why I chose each cat, but these were the specific reasons of adding to my family.

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What a great question! In chronological order...

1. Dylan

I talked my father into letting my mom get a kitten because I felt my mom was lonesome and needed someone to lavish her affections upon. Dylan was an eight-week-old bundle of energy who claimed us the instant we walked in the SPCA's door!

2. Sassy
Dylan turned out to be a very strong alpha male, and his need to be dominant led him to bite and scratch his humans. Someone suggested a companion, and four-month-old Sassy was so gentle and loving... we thought she might calm him down. And it worked! Sassy has since developed some litterbox issues, and she also refuses to venture beyond the kitchen, but she's such a sweet girl that we deal with these problems happily.

3. Clyde
Although I'd gotten my parents into "the cat business," as my father put it, I myself remained petless. Then I was fired by the new owners of a company I'd helped start eighteen years earlier, and I started volunteering at a shelter to try to soothe my anger and bitterness. Eight-week-old Clyde simply stole my heart with his tender little nosekisses, and he's been my fella ever since.

4. Abby
A fellow volunteer had trapped Abby in her neighborhood and brought her to the shelter, where she promptly gave birth to five beautiful boys -- one of whom was my Clydie. Abby seemed to be semi-feral. She was terrified of (and hostile toward) everyone, human and cat alike. I made a little progress with her, getting to the point where I could get her out of her cage and hold her for up to thirty minutes at a time... and she finally did get adopted... but by a woman who didn't understand her fears, and only terrorized her further. I got her to give Abby back, and rather than see the poor kitty go back into a cage, my mom took her in as a foster and worked with her tirelessly. Now Abby loves my parents dearly, and seems to like Dylan and St. John, too! She still lives in her own room (with occasional visitors), but her progress has been amazing.

5. Pearl
At this time, I was still living in my own place (whereas I've now moved in with my elderly parents), and I knew Clyde was lonely when I was out. One day, my mom and I stopped at Petco for kitty food, and they were having an SPCA event. My mom found Pearl in a cage and instantly knew that this little grey girl was supposed to be ours. I decided to trust her instinct. On the way home in the car, though, Pearl screeched like a lovesick banshee! Nonstop! Mom and I looked at each other and said, "What have we done?" But of course, Mom turned out to be so right -- Pearl is a gift straight from heaven.

6. St. John
One day when I was volunteering at the shelter, someone brought in a six-week-old kitten who had been thrown out of a car on the highway. Mom and I decided to foster him until he was old enough to be adopted. We were afraid he would be traumatized, antisocial, paranoid... but thank goodness, aside from a bit of soreness, he was none the worse for his awful experience. He won our hearts immediately, and all five of the other cats (Clyde and Pearl and I had now moved in with my folks) adored him too! He's the baby of the family, and the light of my mom's life.

Gosh, thinking back on all this...
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1. Whisper -- When we moved to Indiana, we were flat broke, out on our butts, and basically homeless, but we were still supporting our three cats. We were offered help from "friends" here, and took them up on the offer. But we couldn't bring the cats (damn them!). We had to rehome the cats, but as soon as the new room mates realized how miserable I was, they took me out and got me Whisper. He doesn't replace those we had to find homes for, but he really did fill a voice.

2. Reagan -- We got Reagan when we moved out of the room mates' house. He'd been around other cats his entire life, and his loneliness was very obvious. He wouldn't leave me alone, was constantly pawing me, and I couldn't get him out from underfoot. So we adopted Reagan from a shelter to be a friend to Whisper. It worked out magnificently.

3. Molly Molly was/is feral. She's about six or seven months old and had been living outside her entire life. She was underweight for her size, and didn't have shelter with the upcoming cold. She reminded DH and me very much of a cat we loved and lost (Abby) and both of us chose to bring her inside rather than allow her to die in the cold winter.

Now that I'm being given points, can somebody *please* explain to me how to use them? I suspect that they are connected to a menu that won't display for me in firefox because the ads overlap the menu
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Oh my land!
You still have almost 40 grand!
So don't be silly
and share the love jilly!

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Oopsy....why I got my cats....

I picked him up off my granny's farm because male kittens don't always last very long out there. He was so pretty I just couldn't stand him being a farm cat or RIPing. He was never touched until that night I took him at four months old. Now he is the sweetest thing and just loves to be pet by anyone!

We needed a friend for Enzo, she was at the pound....a kill pound!!!!! They only get two weeks to find a home there

Someone dumped him at my granny's farm, people really like to do that! He was SOOOOOO cute and I couldn't stand him being a farm cat either. I wasn't going to keep him, but when I brought him home the SO said we were He's a cat lover too! PS. When someone dumped him off more than likely they just threw him out the window because he looked terrible when we got him and his back was possibly broken or fractured. He's ok now, but when he lays down he usually lays with his legs back behind him or in some other funky position. The vet said his back healed nicely and that should be his only problem.
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I got Popsie because I was ten years old and wanted a kitty. My mom and I went to the human shelter and I saw him and fell in love.
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