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What do your cats send?

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What do your cats send to everyone on here?

Beauty sends purrs to you all.
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Sadie sends scritches to everyone here (but especially Charlie and Demetri) -- she's such a tramp!
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Shadow sends a whiney greeting, Cassi sends slobbery licks, Trouble sends his singing trills, Ivory sends toe nibbles and Vash & Spaz send headbutts and lots of purr drool.
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Jupey sends a "DAAREEEEE" and Fable is too lazy to move!
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Stanley wants to play, so he sends everyone the chance to play with his new favorite toy, the uncooked penne pasta!

Bella's a little cranky right now, so she's sending stay away least that's what I got from the way she just plunked herself in my lap and bit my arm
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Abby sends full body rubs.
Chynna sends nose kisses
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Popsie sends head butts and loud "give me attention" meows.
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Harvey sends sullen looks to everyone here. (He's just back from the vet, so he's really cranky.)
Tailer sends loud, loud purrs.
Forest sends nose bumps and an offer to finish up anybody's unwanted leftover food.
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Tiger sends head butts
The brats sends "mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooow!"
and Tonka sends "meep"
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Clydie sends nosekisses, and believe me, they're verrrry romannnntic ones. :

And Pearl sends the little chirpy mews that mean she's bringing you a toy and wants to play!
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Hennessy will give only demanding yowls, but promises to give you purrs if you'll pet him.
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