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Oh dear... this isn't good.

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TCS we have a problem. The gerbil my next door neighbor has as a pet is missing. There are posters up all over my apartment building looking for the little guy.

Can I have some vibes that the little furry thing doesn't try to make it into my apartment? If he does it shall be his untimely demise. The boys have already killed Baxter (Mrs. Lewis's Kindergarten class pet that escaped), and I really don't want them to add another pet to the list.
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Don't go in there cute little gerbil.
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stay away from the lair of doom little gerbil!!!!
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I hope that poor gerbil donesn't meet the same fate as my poor RB gerible GusGus did When I was a little girl and we first adopted Velvet- we also had my gerbil in the same room. We thought the top was secure and she couldn't get into it- we would be wrong!

Velvet broke into the cage while i was at school and decapitated my poor gerbil all over my room I walked into my room and it looked like a little massacare It was soo sad. I cried over my little gerbil for weeks. Needless to say- we never trusted Velvet around small rodents again! (in her defense, she was only doing what she was made do to so we can't get mad if they follow their instincts.)

I hope she finds her gerbil safe and sound!
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My daughter's hamster (Jack Mouse) used to escape all the time, we always found him, in the drawer under the oven, inside the muffin pans, stay out little gerbil
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Growing up we had all sorts of critters including gerbils. We had the gerbils in a 10gal tank with this wire lid that fit on there pretty tight. Well we had this one that was a huge jumper. This gerbil kept jumping and hitting the top of the lid. Somehow one day he got the lid to move and he promptly jumped out and onto the floor. The tank was on top of a iron stand and in total height was around 4-5 feet. The gerbil hit the floor and the cat quickly got the little guy in her mouth. Once we realized what was going on we took action. The only reason we knew something was going on is b/c this cat came walking into the living room with a tail hanging out of her mouth. We went to the cat grabbed the tail of the gerbil and thumped the cat on the top of her head. She let go and the gerbil. After that ordeal, he did not try and jump so high. The gerbil lived to a ripe old age of about 2. He developed a tumor and died from that. the cat lived till about 17 or 18 years of age.

But here is hope of no more small pets getting into your place
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Godspeed, little can make it home!! (Why am I having South Park flashbacks suddenly??)
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Oh dear, lets also hope the little one didn't find a hole in a wall and is between walls or in the building structure.
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I hope he stays away!

When we had our pet rodents we were fanatical about making sure the cats couldn't get them (2 of mine are confirmed mousers). It worked, the cats never got them.
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
Godspeed, little can make it home!! (Why am I having South Park flashbacks suddenly??)

*gasp* Oh my...
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Praying they find it in one piece and alive. Yikes!
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