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Whats for dinner?

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whats for dinner on this yuky friday?

here im making lasanga from scratch. cant stand the store bought kind. i like to use chicken instead of other meats, and add cottege cheese.
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Cheeseburgers made from scratch and french fries, yum!
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John's bringing home pizza. I doubt I'll eat though.
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I'm not sure what we're having yet! My sister has already called and asked me
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We had fish fillets and scalloped potatoes.
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I'm having either spaghettio's or a tv dinner... I really wanted to make this soup recipe I found, but I'm the only one here and it just seems like too much work for myself
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Salmon, roast potatoes and salad
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Out for sushi with a friend! Sushi is pretty much my favorite food on this earth.
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I'm waiting for Mike to get home, then hopefully we're going out for Mexican and Coronas.
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Quizno's. I don't know what to make for dinner
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The kids are making homemade pizza hopefully this time it is edible
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We had Perkins. I had a mushroom omelet with hashbrowns and pancakes. One of my favorites! Later on I'll have a piece of pumpkin pie.
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I made myself a rather tasty concoction of small portabella mushrooms and rice in a cream sauce. I'm rather pleased with it since it was a "whatever's in the fridge" sort of experiment!
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