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Lexi has Worms

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So Lexi has just had a big runny poo on my living room carpet. And I saw some huge worms in it. What sort of worm is this? The previous owner said that she was wormed and flea treated. I've given some supermarket worming treatment that I have in the house. It's for use on cats over 1kg. I weighed her and she is over 1kg. Poor baby. I'll hopefully take her to the vets tomorrow. They are all closed now though. I've seperated her and Links. She is in the bathroom on her own and away from anyone else.
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It could be tapeworms. Which will require a different de-wormer from the vet.
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Did the worms look like grains of rice? If so, they were tapeworms. It could also be that she was very recently wormed and they're still working their way out of her. It's still a good idea for a check-up though.
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They were REALLY long and thin. Not short. The de-womer I had was an all-in-one. It said it included tape-worm.
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Doesn't sound like tape worms then to me. Roundworms are fairly common in young kittens. Do you know how long ago the woman wormed her? I've wormed kittens and still saw worms coming out for several days.
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No I don't. I've never had a pet with worms before. Would they usually come out with their poop if they have been treated, or does this happen with worms anyway?
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Over-the-counter worm treatments don't always work. Also, you need to know what type of worms you are dealing with. I'm not in favour of just de-worming with an all-in-one thing that doesn't address the specific issue.

I'm glad you are taking her to the vet to have her checked for the type of worm. You might also want to ask him if the other cat could have gotten the worms as well if they are sharing food and litter dishes.
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It's roundworm. I've looked it up and it looks exactly like what I saw. They have been sharing a litter tray so Links has probably got it too.

My question is, would an adult roundworm come out with the feces, or do the eggs just come out? Adults are coming out of Lexi.
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If I remember correctly from when Blue had worms as a kitten, my vet told me you may see more of the adults in their poo after they get treated (as the worms start to die).
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So are they still infectious when they are dieing?
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I'm not sure about that, but I would think the eggs might still be picked up by another cat.
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You should probably take both to the vet and get a worm treatment (probably drontal )

The problem is that the wormers don't kill at all stages of the worm's lifecycle, so you will see them in the poo even after treatment and sometimes you need more than one course to get them all out.

It's very common and very treatable.
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I hope Lexi feels better soon and they can take care of the worms fast. I would take both Lexi and Links to the vet to get treated. That way you know for sure that the problem has been taken care of.
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