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Met the Most Womderful Woman Yesterday

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Yesterday I went to go and collect Lexi. I drove out to the middle of nowhere to get her. It was a farm type place. So anyway, as I was parking up, a woman came to the car to great me. Her name was Jo. She led me to a caravan/trailer.

I knew a bit about why she had kittens, and why they ere being sold, but was not prepared for what she was going tell me and what I was going to see.

As we walked into the caravan, I saw about 3 or 4 different litters of kittens. One stood out - she was 7 weeks old, but only looked about 2 weeks. The woman had been hand-rearing her.

Anyway, she said that her parents lived in the house, and that her mum had started feeding a load of ferals that would wonder around. Jo moved in with her husband temporarily (5years ago) and started helping her mum with the feral feeding. So then she started noticing kittens running around the grounds. She told her parents that she was going to start trapping them as every so often she would find one dead and it would break her heart. Unfortunately, her dad was not a cat fan and said no. So Jo and her husband moved into the caravan and started catching all the kittens when they were a bit older and looking after them. Several times, the mother cat would abondon newborns so she would bootle feed them. She neuters all the adults she can, and when kittens are old enough. She also worms them all. She has been doing this for 5 years, and still lives in the caravan.

I'm so glad I met this woman, she is a true inspiraition and I'm glad there are people in the world who care enough to do these things.
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Awe, that is so great that she is doing that! I am glad that you are getting that kitty and giving her a forever home!
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Oh my goodness that is quite the story! I am glad for people like her too.
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