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Possible cat ID?

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We have an 8 m/o cat that is really different from any cat I have ever seen. His behaviour is bizzare for a cat to say the least. He is extremely affectionate but is also like a wild animal. He walks like a wild cat and is also extremely vocal.

He is double pawed on the front and has 5 toes on both back feet. My boyfriend and I saved him when he was from a stray litter somebody was caring for so we have no idea about the parent cats.

His back feet are huge so he does not walk on his toes, he walks on flat feet. Looks like a rabbit Other than that he is also very muscular and smaller than a normal 8 month old.

Anyway, I am just interested what kind of breed he may be because of his strange behavior and actions.

Here are some pics. I don't know how to get them to show in the post. Thanks!



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He's your basic Moggie, or mixed breed cat. A Polydactyl is what you call a cat with extra toes like him.
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Yep he is a Polydactyl Domestic Shorthair.
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Aww, he looks like my cats little brother. Big paws, same markings, same color. Ours has 6 toes on one paw and 7 on the other.

There are two forms of polydactyls. Our cats have "mitten paws", which is the (theoretically) safe version of the mutation. The other version, "hamburger paws" causes extreme deformities in the limbs. Mitten cats have the extra toes on the inside, and hamburger paws have them on the outside.

One of my uncles works a lot with cats, and has seen more than his share of polys. He claims that it has an affect on their brain, too. Our cat is "special" and had to be put on Paxil to calm him down. Honestly, I don't know how much truth there is to that statement; many other people here have perfectly fine polys. Your cat is probably just a hyperactive kitten and will calm naturally with age. If that's the case, expect him to be crazy for another two years.

If he's a smart one, he'll use his opposable thumbs to open the cabinets. The one plus about Puppy being "special" is that he never remembers this trick, no matter how many times he accidentally does it. He did figure out how to pick up his food with his paws though. He also figured out that he can do the same thing with his feather toy.

At least one of your kitty's parents is a poly, and probably many of his siblings were too.
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The others are correct about the extra toes, but didn't address his way of walking on flat rear feet like a rabbit.

I have seen this before in a friend's cat: it is generally caused by an injury (during birth or in early kittenhood) to the achilles tendon, which causes the cat to grow up walking flat-footed rather than on their toes. I love to watch how they "bunny hop" rather than walk like a cat, and it doesn't keep them from being able to run and lead a normal life.

If you haven't yet, please arrange a vet visit ASAP so he can get his shots and be neutered before he gets too much older and starts to spray in the house.

He's a total cutie pie - I LOVE those huge front paws with the extra toes!!!
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He's a mixed breed - the extra toes may cause him to use his feet different then a normal cat. His coloring is a red tabby/white - he's really handsome
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Thank you for the answers. He has been neutered and has all his shots. We also have another we got so he would have company. I am going to post in another forum for one issue we really have trouble dealing with.
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