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Escala & Eclipse

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Here are Eclipse's two horses Escala and Ecipse!

Aren't they beautiful?
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First of all thank you for posting the pictures for me! These are my other sweeties, Escala (mare) and Eclipse (foal). Since I already posted several messages about my unhappiest day in 2002 I decided it was time to tell you about the happiest day Let me start by telling that I never had much to do with horses until I got my 1st lesson at age 24...I was instantly hooked and 2 years later I had my 1st lesson on Escala...after a few lessons my instructor/friend told me I was getting my last lesson on Escala because he was selling her to a "dealer" (sorry...don't know the proper word in English) and that's when I jumped in and found myself saying I would buy her. You could definitely say that buying her was the most impulsive thing I have ever done but I have never regretted it even just 1 second! After a lot of thinking and debating with myself I had her bred to an Arabian stallion (yesm she's an arabian too) in June 2001 and in June 2002 Eclipse was born. I was so happy when my stallowner called me in the middle of the night! All I could do was bounce around the house while grinning like an idiot till my friend came over to drive us to the farm. That explains the sleepy look on my face Anyway.. I said to myself throughout Escala's being with foal that I was definitely selling the foal... no way was I keeping the foal and having 2 horses in board... too expensive... but by a wonderful twist of faith I got a new job in June 2002 that also meant a raise...and the very 1st moment I laid eyes on Eclipse I was sold...I was a goner... what an adorable foal! 'The first thought going through my head was "I am keeping him!" So I am now the proud owner of my 2 little arabians, they bring a smile to my face as my cat does and as Dougie has always done. I just wanted to share the pictures and my happiness about Eclipse being born with you... figured it was a nice change to tell you a happy story now. :-) So all of you who have taken a look at my sweeties...and even more so all of you who have taken the effort to read my immense babbling *grin*... thank you! I hope their picture at least brought a tiny little smile to your faces as well.
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They are both so beautiful. Do you get much time to ride?

My youngest sister is horse mad, but she's just starting her last 2 years of high school, and is really busy with study, so she had to sell her horses. (She's understandably quite upset.)

Both Escala and Eclipse must be so special to you!

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I'm terrified of horses, and have only ridden twice in my life. However I have to say that Eclipse and Escala and stunning animals - beautiful coloured coat (sorry if that's the wrong term).

BTW - I'm pleased there is good stuff going on in your life too.
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Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous! I am so jealous, my two are mudballs this time of year! Like you, I have been horse crazy my entire life, never thought I would own one though, now I own two! I have had them since they were 4 months old, they are my greatest teachers. Racer will be 6 soon and Travelin Man will be 5. Your Arabians are beautiful!
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They are lovely and I just love the names! I have always loved horses, but being a city girl I rarely get the time to go riding. In my teens I went to riding camp every summer and I have been to a dude ranch twice. I wish I could own some beauties like you do!
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Wow, they are so pretty, but I've always been kind scared of horses. :/
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They are georgeous!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful horses and I enjoyed reading your 'immense babbling'. I always thought the most perfect job in the world would be to work with horses.

I just finished watching the movie The Horse Whisperer, so right now I'm really wanting to get myself out to a ranch. I went riding a couple of times, but I just love watching them. They are magnificent creatures!!

I've fallen in love with your horses. Expect me to drop by next week!!

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Just out of curiosity... does anybody think I should try sending that first picture to a postcardcompany or so...? I know there's loads of pretty cards already...but I love this pic so much *sigh*... I might not be very objective though...hehehe. And oh... I am -unfortunately- very much a citygirl; the stupid Dutch rules make it very hard to get a house outside the city if you both live and work in the city...grmbl grmbl... so it takes me 80/85 minutes one way to get to my horses...but they are worth it! I am however looking for a place to live where I can board them closer... I live in Amsterdam, Holland now.
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I think the first picture would make a great postcard. Both the colour and the composition is excellent, and more than that there is real soul to the picture.

Give it a go!!
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What beautiful horses!!!
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Oh my gosh, they are beautiful!!

Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures and a great story too! Definitely brought a smile to my face!
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*sigh*... my "babies"... I think i might just give it a go and send the picture (the 1st one of course...) to a postcard company... and in response to what somebody asked earlier; I don't ride as often as i would like too, but I definitely try to ride as often as I can. My goal is to ride at least 4 times a week... and to play with Eclipse 2 or 3 times a week... slowly teach him things, take him away from his friends for a few minutes just so he isn't going to be one of those horses who panick when they lose sight of their "buddies"... groom... cuddle... basically just do things that don't require too big an intention span. He can be a baby for another while.
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They are gorgeous! I'd definitely send it in to a postcard company, it's a beautiful, beautiful picture. I've never pined for a horse, but I think they're incredible creatures.

I obviously missed something somewhere, Jasja (didn't read about the worst day in your life) - but I'm sure glad to hear about the best day in your life! It sounds like a wonderful one - and I also love their names!

...and if I were you, I wouldn't worry about "babbling" here. People can choose not to read the post if it bothers them! I'm quite the gabber myself.

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