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Will Feliway Help?

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I have written before about my roommate's cat (Emo) "beating up" my small cat (Gizmo). He (Emo) just seems to get riled up whenever she's in the room. He's a hyperactive young cat anyway, but between her jingling collar and small, easy-to-attack frame, she's the perfect target when he is playful. Of course, Gizmo doesn't like this at all, and screams and howls, especially when he tackles her or gets her in a corner. Although the fighting isn't as bad as when we first moved in (and she has never been hurt by him, just stressed out), it has seemed to taper off to just a level of annoyance (for both my cat and myself). Gizmo even sometimes provokes it, by running by him when she knows he's in the room, but of course seems to regret it when he follows through. Anyway, I have noticed that when I spray Feliway in the room, the two kind of settle down and ignore each other. I'm tempted to get the room diffuser for this reason, but I just wanted to see if anyone thinks it would help this kind of behavior in the long term. Whenever I spray the spray, like I said, the two settle down, but it's only temporarily (like, for an hour or so, and only in the area that I sprayed). I cannot decipher whether this is because the spray wears off (in which case the diffuser would help), or because they were simply shocked at first and become immune to the effects after awhile (in which case a diffuser would have the same effect). I don't want to spend $30 on a diffuser if it is not going to help, so I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar problem and fixed it in this way.
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I don't think it could hurt. In my experience I think there is a distinct calming effect when I've got the diffuser running--and I notice an increase in scrapping when it's running low.
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I think it is worth a try. My Delilah can be a very cranky kitty, and the Feliway diffusers help her settle down. I can always tell the difference when I plug in a new refill.
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thanks, I'll have to try it, I'm at my wits end!
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