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Ziggy's surgery story.

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For any of you who have read my previous posts about Ziggy, this is the one that really started it:


Ziggy had his enucleation yesterday, and everything went very well. I wrote out the whole story on my livejournal here: http://yuna1881.livejournal.com/275845.html

I want to thank everyone who shared kind words, love, and support over these past few months! it really meant so much to us.
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Thank you for giving an update! I'm so glad that his surgery went well and he's home and doing so good! I know you have to be so glad that it's over with!
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I am very glad it is over with, I find out the biopsy results in two weeks when he gets the collar off but the Dr. reassured me that we caught it early and there is no reason to worry that the cancer spread anywhere outside the eye.

I took the day off work to spend with him today and he is just wonderful, he was going NUTS playing with a piece of string. I just wish Leeloo wasn't so angry.

I also have a question about his behavior... we took the top of the litter box off to make it easier for him, but he just goes and sits in the litter box now! I freaked out because he went in and started rolling around in the litter and he really can't clean himself not to mention I was worried about anything getting in his wound! he's never done anything like this before and I wonder if he is having trouble going to the bathroom or if he likes how it smells or I don't know.
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Maybe he's trying to get rid of the 'vet smell' so that Leeloo will be less angry? Have you tried putting a dab of vanilla under their chins to get rid of the scarey vet smell? It really helps! I hope by now that he has used his litter box, but if he hasn't you should probably give the vet a call. He should be going by now.

Many that those test results come back negative!!
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he actually hasn't used it yet. I spoke to the vet earlier today and he said that it was alright for today. Ziggy didn't eat or drink all that much today to be honest.

but what you said about getting rid of the vet smell makes a lot of sense! he was so eager to jump in and just roll around in it and usually he is very clean and very picky about his litter (he refuses to use the box if it is even a little dirty, and keeps me on my toes with the box cleaning every few days!).

I never heard of that trick with vanilla before! I am definitely going to give it a try, and thanks!!
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